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Panopto I:  Record Your Lectures for Student Viewing

It doesn’t matter whether you teach in a face-to-face classroom, an online environment, or some blending of both.  Using Panopto lecture capture allows you to deliver lectures to your students via a Blackboard course shell.  Download the recorder, and share your content.  When you’re finished, the video is uploaded to your course with the click of one button.  (No, really.  One click.)  At the end of this session, users will:

  • Know how to provision a Blackboard course for use with Panopto
  • Understand how to download and use the recorder
  • Be able to choose a folder for content upload
  • Click once!

Using Panopto or another recording device allows students to see materials you've created away from the classroom, freeing up your time with them.  Additionally, faculty may air live broadcasts for students who are ill or otherwise can't attend a class session.

Session Time:  60 minutes, Presenter:  Joe Kern.  Prerequisites:  None.

Panopto II:  Anything that You Can Do….

Think Panopto for educators is cool (we sure do!)?  How about giving students the ability to record content and upload it to a folder for your viewing.  Whether they’re in their own classrooms, in the field, or in any situation where demonstrations or presentations can help you assess student learning, Panopto is a great tool for student use.  Plus, did you know?  Panopto is also available for use with an iPad.  So much awesome.  In this session, users will learn:

  • Where students’ recordings are stored and viewed on the Panopto server
  • How to provision a folder for student use
  • How to view content from students.

Student video assignments allow you to view students in their elements, whether that is a classroom, field study, or other venue.  Panopto makes the upload process easy for you to see their real-world skills.

Session Time:  60 minutes, Presenter:  Sandy Valenti.  Prerequisite:  Panopto Session I, “Record Your Lectures, Flip Your Classroom” or a basic understanding of the Panopto recorder

Google + Hangouts - Let it All Hangout

Video doesn’t have to be difficult.  Using Google + Air Hangouts, you (and your students) are able to stream real-time video to session invitees.  Viewers may comment, chat, and access the recordings in the future!  This 60 minute session will explore the process.  Our objectives upon course completion will be for users to:

  • Set up and manage a Hangouts session
  • Be able to invite other users
  • Access the content and its links for later use.

Hangouts are a great way for faculty to become more adept at working with video conferencing.  Because it is free, it is also an excellent way for small groups to meet to discuss upcoming assignments.

Session Time:  60 minutes, Presenters:  Rob Gibson, Sandy Valenti.  Prerequisite:  None

Adobe Connect Pro:  Meetings Without Boundaries

Even if you’re not a million miles away, you can save time and energy by meeting via Connect Pro.  If distance is a factor, the benefits become greater and greater.  In this session, we will discuss the use of Connect Pro versus other content deployment methods.  By the end of the session, participants will:

  • Know how to create a room from Blackboard or Connect
  • Present content, such as PowerPoint and documents
  • Share the computer screen
  • Record a session and locate it for later viewing.

Using Connect Pro benefits students by allowing them to see (via webcam) and interact with their faculty in a synchronous setting.  Faculty may also use their host seats to connect with colleagues at a distance.

Session Time:  60 minutes, Presenter:  Sandy Valenti.  Prerequisite:  None

Acrobat Pro Tips & Tricks - Cirque du ESU

Adobe Acrobat Pro software enables you to create richly expressive PDF files, collaborate more effectively with clients and colleagues, and confidently prepare files for high-end print production. Streamline your work with shared PDF reviews, and deliver high-quality print projects using enhanced preflight tools. Acrobat is simply more versatile than ever!  Session objectives:

  • Creat a new .pdf form file
  • Modify form fields
  • Use collaboration tools in Acrobat.

Session Time:  60 minutes, Presenter:  Rob Gibson.  Prerequisite:  None

Gesture Based Learning is Here:  The Minority Report Meets ESU

The 2012 EDUCAUSE Horizon Report indicated gesture-based computing will be one of the emerging technologies to watch in the next 3-5 years. Why wait? It’s here. Come and see how you can control everything from PowerPoint to mathematical applications using nothing more than your person and a Microsoft Kinect sensor.  By the end of this session, users will:

  • Watch a demo of Kinect
  • Try a hands-free Kinect session
  • Discuss implications for classroom learning

What you will learn:

  • How gesture-based computing can be used in the classroom
  • How to engage students using kinesthetic learning
  • What curricular areas are utilizing gesture-based applications
  • The components required to get started

Session Time:  60 minutes, Presenter:  Rob Gibson.  Prerequisite:  None

Camtasia Video Tutorials:  They’re Not Just for Breakfast Anymore

Creating training modules is made especially effective when you’re able to help your learner focus on what’s important.  Using Camtasia Studio, callouts, screen zooms, and other page effects help you guide your learner.  This 90 minute session covers basic recording followed by a break, after which we will explore editing and export functions of the product.  Our objectives:

  • Know when to use Camtasia over other video creation products
  • Know how to record the screen, the user, system sound, and external audio
  • Edit the recording using callouts, titles, and zooming
  • Produce the video for later use.

Creating video tutorials can help faculty who need to zoom in on specific instructions or screen locations, create callouts to attract student attention, and gives a means for the creation of professional video complete with opening sequences and picture-in-picture.

Session Time:  90 minutes, Presenter:  Sandy Valenti.  Prerequisite:  None

WordPress:  Powerful Websites in Minutes

WordPress is far and away the most powerful online tool for creating rich, interactive websites, portfolios, and blogs.  It is easily possible to have a site up and your first blog posted in as little as 60 minutes.  This session will introduce participants to this incredible tool for creating and managing websites using WordPress, in both its free and for-pay versions.  Participants will learn:

  • How to set up a WordPress account
  • Customizing WordPress to a theme
  • Adding page content to WordPress

Session Time:  60 minutes, Presenter:  Rob Gibson.  Prerequisite:  None

Universal Design for Learning

Universal Design for Learning (UDL) is the universally accepted standard for designing accessible learning content. Accessibility can come in the form of designing for disabled students, but can also include students with learning disabilities and students whose native language is not English. This session willintroduce participants to UDL standards and UDL tools and resources for designing accessible content.  By the end of the course, users will:

  • Understand the concept of UDL
  • Recognize types of multiple means of representation
  • Discuss means of learning engagement

Session Time:  60 minutes, Presenter:  Rob Gibson.  Prerequisite:  None

Prezi:  PowerPoint is so Last Year! 

Prezi is the cool, new could-based application for creating stunning presentations. You may have seen Prezi demonstrated at conferences and presentations. Come and learn how to create your own Prezi presentations. We’ll also share resources for learning more about Prezi, including places to access additional templates and videos.  Objectives for the session:

  • Import text and images into Prezi
  • Create a Prezi path for the presentation
  • Save, edit, and share the Prezi

Using Prezi's active interface helps engage your students and models the use of alternative tools for presentations they create.

Session Time:  60 minutes, Presenter:  Rob Gibson.  Prerequisite:  None

Photo Basics - In 1,000 Words or Less

Whether you’re adding an image to a webpage, Facebook, or your Blackboard course, this session will get your started.  We’ll cover the concepts of aspect ratio (ever wonder why people look stretched out or smushed in some pictures?), transparency, resizing, and image layers in this beginning session.  The session will be conducted using free image manipulation software, along with showing you options for editing images in Word 2010.  Objectives for learners in this session:

  • To know how to remove image backgrounds in Word
  • To know when to use a .gif file versus a .jpg or other format
  • To resize an image without distorting it
  • To save an image to various formats

Attending this session gives participants a refresher course in image basics, including basic image editing and file formatting, to aid in deploying image content to students in their courses.

Session Time:  60 minutes, Presenter:  Mark Summey.  Prerequisite:  None

Video Basics - Lights, Camera, Download!

Video is fast becoming the go-to media for telling a story, engaging learners, and just plain sharing.  In this 60 minute session, learners will

  • Be able to use at least one method for downloading and saving YouTube video
  • Understand various video file formats
  • Be able to convert a video to a different file format
  • Be able to access and use ESU’s streaming media server

What you will learn:

  • How simple video projects can be used in your curriculum
  • Simple, cost-effective (often free) resources for creating video
  • Lesson ideas can be created around video-based activities

Session Time:  60 minutes, Presenter:  Rob Gibson.  Prerequisite:  None

Google Sites - We’re New Here – Let’s See the Sites!

Google sites offers users a free and easy way to create and share webpages, allowing you to create a site from dozens of pre-built templates.  Add images, text, and other documents to your site.  Users will create a new website and add content during the session.  Following the session, learners will:

  • Know how to control who can view and edit the page
  • Access the page in the future to update the page and its content
  • Be able to add images, links, and subpages to the site

Using a basic web site can help you give information to others external to the Blackboard course shell.  Interested students and parents are able to see your interests and other content you wish to share.

Session Time:  60 minutes, Presenter:  Mark Summey.  Prerequisite:  None

Creative iPad Apps:  I Left My Crayons at the House

But, fortunately, the iPad offers lots of free apps for creativity!  In this session, we’ll share and explore some iPad apps for drawing, movie making, and other art projects.  At the end of the session, learners will:

  • Know how to search for free art-related iPad apps
  • Sample apps that allow video recording
  • Spray paint with an app (!)

Having an iPad is great, and exploring available apps and downloading/using those you find beneficial can turn the device from a dust collector to one of your most-used tools.

Session Time:  60 minutes, Presenter:  Sandy Valenti.  Prerequisite:  You must have your Apple ID and be able to download iPad or iPhone apps from the app store.

Follow Me on Pinterest: Creative uses of Pinterest in Teaching and Learning

Pinterest is a virtual pin board that lets people organize and share interesting things found on the web. Faculty and students can use pin boards to collect resources related to courses. An individual ‘pin’ is an image added to Pinterest. Each Pin links back to the site it came from.  Learners in this session will:

  • Create a Pinterest account
  • Learn how to add pins and pin boards
  • See how to follow others’ pins

Pinterest is similar to other social saving sites, but different in that it allows you and your students to categorize content, images, and more.  The content can then be shared in a very visual format.

Session Time:  60 minutes, Presenter:  Rob Gibson.  Prerequisite:  None

Advanced PowerPoint

If you see PowerPoint as just the slightly higher-tech replacement of an overhead projector and a colorful set of markers, you’re missing out on a lot of capabilities that could enhance your lectures and in-class activities.  In this workshop you will learn how to put the “Power” in PowerPoint, by using hyperlinks to create an interactive lesson or game, creating animations to spice up your presentation or to show events in motion, and embedding interactive multimedia from The Web into your presentation.  If you are looking for better ways to use your Promethean Board, this session will give you some great ideas. Through completing the session, instructors will be able to:

  • Apply best practices in developing PowerPoint presentations.
  • Add hyperlinked buttons to jump from one slide to another, creating a learner-based path through the content or a game for students.
  • Add and customize animations, including motion paths, for objects in the presentation.
  • Embed interactive multimedia into the presentation (Flash content, YouTube videos, audio files)


Instructors will be able to create interactive PowerPoint presentations that will increase student engagement with their content.

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