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Photos on the Fly:  SMILE!  Smartphone Tips & Tricks for Photo Capture

Instagram, Facebook Camera, Twitpic and more will be featured in this informative session. These applications let you rapidly pick one or more photos, apply filters, tag friends and locations, add a description, and post to a social network site.   At the end of the session, participants will:

  • Upload images to the application you choose
  • Tag friends and locations
  • Apply image filters

What you will learn:

  • Effective curricular strategies for mobile photo taking
  • To identify free or inexpensive options for photo manipulation
  • To understand how geotagging can be used in conjunction with class activities

 Session Time:  60 minutes, Presenter:  Rob Gibson.  Prerequisites:  None.

Cloud Saving and Sharing (This May Not Be Heaven, But Still I’m in the Cloud)

One of the nicest things about mobile technology is the fact that you can access all your content anytime from anywhere.  Unfortunately, one of the most frustrating things about mobile tehnology is the fact that you may not know how to access all your content anytime from anywhere.  This session will explore the concept of cloud storage and retrieval, using such products as Box.com, DropBox, Google Docs, and more.  By the end of the session, participants will:

  • Understand the features and uses for at least 3 cloud storage options
  • Have an improved understanding for the concept of cloud computing
  • Be able to create an account and upload a document to at least one cloud storage provider.

Appropriate use of cloud storage and sharing offers an additional way for you to connect with students and share content.  It may also be used to share content with your colleagues and family outside of the institution.

Session Time:  60 minutes, Presenter:  Sandy Valenti.  Prerequisites:  None.

Voice Thread:  Let’s Get Together and Talk about This

This session will introduce participants to the Voice Thread discussion tool. Voice Thread adds technology integration to the traditional text-based discussion thread. Using images, video, audio and drawing tools, Voice Thread increases student engagement in the asynchronous threaded discussion portion of the class.  At the conclusion of this session, participants will:

  • Understand how Voice Thread enhances the discussion experience.
  • Create a Voice Thread discussion.
  • Become familiar with the mobile application of Voice Thread: VTMobile.

Attending this session will introduce participants to alternatives to the standard discussion board, show how a combination of text, video and audio responses can enhance the discussion and how the Voice Thread application can be easily integrated into an online course.

Session Time:  60 minutes, Presenter:  Mark Summey.  Prerequisites:  None.

Google + Hangouts - Let it All Hangout

Video doesn’t have to be difficult.  Using Google + Air Hangouts, you (and your students) are able to stream real-time video to session invitees.  Viewers may comment, chat, and access the recordings in the future via YouTube!  This 60 minute session will explore the process.  Our objectives upon course completion will be for users to:

  • Set up and manage a Hangouts session
  • Be able to invite other users
  • Access the content and links for later use.

Hangouts are a great way for faculty to become more adept at working with video conferencing.  Becuase it is free, it is also an excellent way for small groups to meet to discuss upcoming assignments.

Session Time:  60 minutes, Presenters: Rob Gibson, Sandy Valenti.  Prerequisites:  None.

Video on the Fly:  Lights, Camera, Let's go Mobile!

This hands-on session will introduce participants to a variety of video products that make creating and editing a snap. Video can now be captured on a variety of devices, including Smartphones. We’ll demonstrate a variety of free products to create some ‘wow’. This session will also be useful for students who wish to create video portfolios.

  • Understand the correct process for framing subjects, lighting techniques, and backdrops
  • Understand basic capture techniques, including interviews, ‘gonzo’, first-person
  • Understand basic editing techniques, such as transitions, lead-ins, lead-outs
  • Understand special effects and computer graphics techniques, including green screen and titling

Creating video can give your students a real-life look at field events (sciences), performances (evaluation or rehearsal), and can serve as presentations for and from students.  This session will demonstrate how simple video projects can be used in your curriculum; simple, cost-effective (often free) resources for creating video; lesson ideas that can be created around video activities.

Session Time:  90 minutes, Presenter: Rob Gibson.  Prerequisites:  None.

From your Y:\ Drive and Back (or, From Here to Eternity)

Emporia State University offers private network share space to all students and employees.  Only you have access to this space and the information stored there, but connecting to the site can be hard to manage until you become accustomed to its ins and outs.  During this session, connecting to your Y:\ drive from your mobile device or from a home Mac or PC will be presented, including a discussion of some iPad apps that make the process easier.  At the end of the session, users will:

  • Know where to find documentation for connecting to the Y:\ drive
  • Follow the steps of the connection process to set up a personal device for the Y:\ Drive or Skylab
  • Understand the location of the Y:\ drive and its uses

Your students may not have access to other server-based storage options, and the Y:\ Drive is an excellent tool for theirs use (and yours) as a private share space or workspace for SPSS and other tools with limited licensing.

Session Time:  60 minutes, Presented by: Sandy Valenti.  Prerequisites:  None.

Social Networking - He Shared, She Shared

Social networking has all the buzz going for it these days.  But, when should it be used?  Can it be secure?  What about FERPA issues?  How can social networks be used in the classroom?  In this 60 minute session, we’ll explore some of the ins and outs of social networking and how it can be leveraged in your online or blended classroom.  By the end of the session, participants

  • Will know the names and attributes of several types of social networks
  • Will have an understanding of student privacy issues
  • Will be able to explain the difference between a journal, a blog, and a wiki

Students are active social network users.  Faculty who use social networking effectively can take advantage of the ability to share links and other content related to courses external to Blackboard.

Session Time:  60 minutes, Presenter: Sandy Valenti.  Prerequisites:  None.

Mobile Apps for Education:  The Hits Just Keep on Coming

While the iPad is a very useful tool, navigating through the hundreds of thousands of apps available to get to the best for educational use can be intimidating.  This informal one-hour session will explore several free iPad apps for classroom use, but will save time for you to share YOUR “greatest hits” on the apps parade.  By the end of the session, users will:

  • Have identified new apps to explore
  • Have shared an app or two
  • Be better able to search for apps in the app store.

You will save time exploring apps by an exchange of information between your colleagues, and learn about how others use the apps in their teaching and scholarship.

Session Time:  60 minutes, Presenter: Sandy Valenti.  Prerequisites:  You must have an iPad and an iTunes account, and you must know your Apple ID and password.

Creative iPad Apps:  I Left My Crayons at the House

But, fortunately, the iPad offers lots of free apps for creativity!  In this session, we’ll share and explore some iPad apps for drawing, movie making, and other art projects.  At the end of the session, learners will:

  • Know how to search for free art-related iPad apps
  • Sample apps that allow video recording
  • Spray paint with an app (!)

Having an iPad is great, and exploring available apps and downloading/using those you find beneficial can turn the device from a dust collector to one of your most-used tools.

Session Time:  60 minutes, Presenter:  Sandy Valenti.  Prerequisite:  You must have your Apple ID and be able to download iPad or iPhone apps from the app store.

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