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Learning Initiative:  U Innovate

The Learning Technologies team of IT is excited to roll out a schedule of new, track-based sessions designed to help you integrate current technologies into your courses, whether they're offered face-to-face, online, or some combination of the two.  Scroll down to view the Tracks listing, and drill down to session descriptions, or get started by going directly to the Learning Opportunities page

We have some new people on hand to help give you the right help at the right time, and we'll be offering an incentive package that would make anyone sit up and take notice.

The focus of this initiative is to give you the skills you need to launch the high-quality courses that will engage students and give them the tech tools they need for classroom success, whether virtual or face-to-face.  Learning content has been structured into tracks in an effort to help you select the sessions and topics important to your teaching needs.  The links below contain track information, session names, and descriptions of each unit. 

Our team consists of both new and returning members:

Dr. Rob Gibson, Associate CIO, Director Learning Technologies
Joe Kern, Instructional Designer
Mark Summey, Blackboard Support
Sandy Valenti, Instructional Technologist and initiative team lead

We are also fortunate to partner with the staff of the William Allen White library and welcome their many contributions to our project.

Please feel free to contact any member of the Learning Technologies team if you have questions, comments, or something you'd like to share.

Learning Designed with a Quality Approach

We are offering several learning tracks, but all have as their basis the use of a quality rubric, such as Quality Matters or the Chico rubric, for quality course creation and deployment.  In that vein, the Quality Courses track is required of all learners.  The rubrics are not intended to be prescriptive, as there are numerous ways to achieve the standards they set forth, nor are they a win/lose proposition; rather, quality course review is aimed at continuous improvement of course design.

Use the links below for detailed session information regarding each learning track:

Quality Classroom

The basis for all U Innovate tracks, as stated above these sessions are geared toward viewing your course from a quality standpoint as set forth by nationally-recognized rubrics for effective course deployment.

Multi-Media Track

For those dabblers who are into a little of everything, this track concentrates on audio, video, images, and other media types.

Mobile Track

Ready to take your show on the road?  Sessions offered in the Mobile Track will help get you started.

New Tech 4 U

Some of the sessions offered in this track are new to everyone; others offer information about technologies new to us here at Emporia State.

Online Learning Track

You'll find similarities here with the Face-to-Face & Blended track, but some of the content is geared solely toward the online classroom.

Face-to-Face & Blended Track

This track was designed to help faculty leverage technologies in traditional and blended classroom settings.  As indicated above, there is repetition included from the Online Learning Track, but some of the content here is specific to the physical classroom setting.

Information and Research Tools Track

Gathering, sharing, and evaluating information represents a skill set all its own.  We're fortunate to partner with faculty and staff from the William Allen White Library to offer you this content.

Social Tools Track

 Social tools allow for ubiquitous, personalized access and sharing of interesting and informational content.  This track explores networking, clous sharing, blogging, and other social tools in education.