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Getting Started with Blackboard

Just getting started with a learning management system?  We can help you get started to make the most of your first time out with Blackboard.  In this session, we’ll start with Blackboard basics.  Course access, arranging the interface, and adding content will be covered, along with how to create discussions and assignments.  By the end of the session, users will know how to:

  • Access and activate courses
  • Add documents and discussions
  • Create assignments and submission links, all at once
  • Preview the grade center

Session Time:  60 minutes, Presenter:  Mark Summey.  Prerequisites:  None.

Get Flipped! The Flipped Classroom

Get the most out of your valuable face-to-face time with students, and be there to help them when they really need it.  A “flipped” classroom delivers content through online lectures, which frees up the in-class time to be used for skill development, collaboration with peers, and more of a chance for you to assist each individual student.  In this session you will learn some of the pros and “Kahn”s of this approach, as well as how to implement some flipped components into your existing courses this semester.  By the end of this session, participants will:

  • Know the limits of online lectures and ways to overcome these
  • Develop ideas of how to use some online strategies to enhance what you already do
  • Develop ideas of what to do with your extra in-class time

Students will experience a higher level of interaction, collaboration, and hands-on activities during class time.

Session Time:  60 minutes, Presenter:  Joe Kern.  Prerequisites:  None

i<Clicker I - Click It:  That’s the Ticket!

These sessions will introduce participants to the i>clicker classroom polling system. Session 1 will explore the basics of the i>clicker system and how to make the initial setup to prepare for use in the classroom. At the end of Session 1, participants will be able to:

  • Set up the i>clicker system.
  • Customize settings for each class instance.
  • Register individual clickers.
  • Create question lists.

Session Time:  60 minutes, Presenter:  Mark Summey.  Prerequisites:  None.

i<Clicker II - Click It:  That’s the Ticket!

In Session 2, participants will explore the use of i>clicker in the classroom. Topics will include using the clicker remote with presentation software and integrating the i>clicker system with Blackboard Grade Center. At the conclusion of Session 2, participants will understand:

  • Polling students and viewing responses
  • How the i>clicker remote interfaces with presentation software
  • How to view polling results and export grade data to the Blackboard Grade Center.

Session Time:  60 minutes, Presenter:  Mark Summey.  Prerequisites:  None.

Promethean I:  I Gave You Fire.  Now You Want Interactivity?

Using the Promethean board can be very simple or very complex.  This 60 minute session will begin with the very simple.  From understanding where the tools are located and how to change the display, all participants in this session will have a chance to touch, tap, swipe, and draw to familiarize themselves with the Promethean board.  At the end of the session, users will know how to:

  • Power on the board and orient it
  • Use the tools and browser menus
  • Import a PowerPoint presentation as an object or images
  • Modify the tools available to users and save the profile for later use.

Many more ESU classrooms have a Promethean board installed.  Learning its basic functionality will free you up to concentrate on your students.

Session Time:  60 minutes, Presenter:  Sandy Valenti.  Prerequisites:  None

Promethean II – Advanced Tools

You’re an old hand at the touch screen display, and can import your presentation slides like a pro.  Now it’s time to dig a little deeper into Promethean.  In this 60 minute session, we will:

  • Explore Promethean Planet and the content available there
  • Understand the concept of layers and use of the Magic Ink tool
  • Using the Promethean software to create custom Flip Chart presentations

Now that you can move around with Promethean, this session will help you use its advanced features to make your lessons more interactive and engaging for students.

Session time:  60 minutes, Presenter: Sandy Valenti.  Prerequisites:  Promethean I: I Gave You Fire.

Blackboard Grade Center:  Gimme an A…

The Blackboard Grade Center is more than just a way to record students' grades. It is a dynamic and interactive tool, allowing faculty to record data, calculate grades, and monitor student progress. This session will review the basics of the Blackboard Grade Center.   At the end of the session, participants:

  • Will understand when Blackboard will auto-create grading columns
  • Will create various grade columns
  • Will be able to enter and edit individual grades and comments
  • Will be able to download the grade center, work off-line and upload back to the grade center

Session Time:  60 minutes, Presenter:  Mark Summey.  Prerequisites:  A basic understanding of Blackboard.

Safe at Home! (Safe Assign Anti Plagiarizing Tool)

This session will explore the basics of Safe Assign. An anti-plagiarizing tool, Safe Assign allows faculty to create an assignment link that, once a student’s written assignment has been submitted, scans and compares the written document to Internet databases, as well as internally submitted work, and provides a value that indicates the percentage of a document that matches an existing work. By the end of the session, participants will be able to:

  • Create assignments using Safe Assign
  • Grade assignments in the Safe Assign interface
  • Submit individual papers to Safe Assign for plagiarism checks

Session Time:  60 minutes, Presenter:  Mark Summey.  Prerequisites:  A basic understanding of Blackboard.

Teams Best Practices - There is no “I” in Group work

Having students work together on projects in groups is a great way to foster the development of the collaborative skills needed in today’s workplace.  This 60-minute session will touch on creating groups in Blackboard, but will concentrate mostly on best practices for group projects as discussed in current literature.  By the end of the session, participants will:

  • Know how to create, deploy, and grade groups and group assignments
  • Exchange ideas regarding working with student groups
  • Begin developing a list of group projects that might apply to your classroom

Team projects can be frustrating for the student, and difficult to grade for the instructor teaching the course.  This session will provide ideas to alleviate both conditions.

Session Time:  60 minutes, Presenter:  Sandy Valenti.  Prerequisites:  None.

Still Using High-Stakes Exams? Online Assessment Strategies

Many faculty assess students as they were assessed: multiple-choice and true-false exams. But are those the best option? Come and learn why there are better options for assessing student competency and why research shows that multi-choice and true-false exams are ineffective for long-term retention and recall. However, if you must use multiple-choice, we’ll discuss strategies for effective question construction.  By the end of the session, participants will:

  • Be able to write an effective true/false or multiple-choice exam question
  • Develop a real-world problem solving question for assessment
  • Discuss effective evaluation options.

What you will learn:

  • When  to use high stakes v. low-stakes testing
  • Why objective tests are one of the least effective testing options for retention and recall
  • How to write effective test questions
  • Identification of alternative assessment options

Session Time:  60 minutes, Presenter:  Rob Gibson.  Prerequisites:  None.

Blackboard IM - Add 1 tsp. Collaboration

With Blackboard Instant Messenger, students and instructors can easily see who’s online and available so they can instantly communicate with peers, colleagues, and experts. This session will explore the various features of Blackboard IM, including white board with study groups and video chat.  At the conclusion of the session, participants will be able to:

  • Connect and link a class with Blackboard IM
  • Identify classmates and instructors in the system
  • Be able to collaborate with colleagues using Blackboard IM

Session Time:  60 minutes, Presenter:  Mark Summey.  Prerequisites:  None.

Blackboard Communication - We Should Visit

Communicating with Blackboard involves more than e-mail.  In this session, we will review the discussions area and its options, the messages area, and will take a look at e-mailing directly from other parts of Blackboard, such as the grade center.  At the end of the session, users will know how to:

  • Create graded and ungraded discussion forums and threads
  • E-mail from various parts of Blackboard
  • Discern between the messages system and e-mail

Session Time:  60 minutes, Presenter:  Mark Summey.  Prerequisites:  None.

Advanced PowerPoint

If you see PowerPoint as just the slightly higher-tech replacement of an overhead projector and a colorful set of markers, you’re missing out on a lot of capabilities that could enhance your lectures and in-class activities.  In this workshop you will learn how to put the “Power” in PowerPoint, by using hyperlinks to create an interactive lesson or game, creating animations to spice up your presentation or to show events in motion, and embedding interactive multimedia from The Web into your presentation.  If you are looking for better ways to use your Promethean Board, this session will give you some great ideas. Through completing the session, instructors will be able to:

  • Apply best practices in developing PowerPoint presentations.
  • Add hyperlinked buttons to jump from one slide to another, creating a learner-based path through the content or a game for students.
  • Add and customize animations, including motion paths, for objects in the presentation.
  • Embed interactive multimedia into the presentation (Flash content, YouTube videos, audio files)

 Instructors will be able to create interactive PowerPoint presentations that will increase student engagement with their content.

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