Getting Started Guide - New Employees

Step 5: ESU Network, Wireless, & Telephone


It is the responsibility of each department to provide and prepare the necessary technology for the new employees however each department works with IT to retrieve quotes for those technology purchases or, configure the new equipment, or activate items such as phone lines, network ports, etc. Below includes general information regarding commonly used technology by ESU employees:


Network & Wireless

  • All ESU office should be equipped with at least one Ethernet and one phone port. If they are not, it is the responsibility of the department to purchase a wiring “drop” for those connections. To begin that process, the department must contact IT.
  • The ESU Wireless Network is available in most areas across campus and is available, free of charge, to ESU employees and students. Instructions for configuring wireless devices to the ESU Wireless network are available on the IT Website (under IT For You or All IT Services).


Office Phone(s)

  • Each ESU office should be equipped with a telecom port for using a digitl telephone.
  • All ESU office phone numbers are (620) 341-xxxx when dialing from off-campus
  • When on campus, you can dial another campus extension by simply using the last four digits of the phone number
  • To dial off-campus, you must begin by pressing 9
  • Voicemail for your office phone number is available. Please check with your administrative assistant (or IT) for more information regarding that process, and the charge to your department for that service.



Cell Phone(s)

  • Emporia State University maintains a contract with various cell phone providers.
  • It is the responsibility of the department to pay all charges for both the device and any phone plan(s) used by the employee
  • At this time, the university does not reimburse employees for using their personal cell phones for business purposes.
  • Please check with IT regarding recommended cell phone providers. Based on your location, some cell phone carriers provide better coverage, than others.  IT can also recommend specific cell phone models based on your need of different functions and features (e.g. – email/calendaring, Blackboard access, etc.)