Getting Started Guide - New Employees

Step 4 - Your ESU Computer (& Peripherals)


It is the responsibility of each department to provide and prepare the necessary technology for the new employees however each department works with IT to retrieve quotes for those technology purchases or, configure the new equipment, or activate items such as phone lines, network ports, etc. Below includes general information regarding commonly used technology by ESU employees:

Office Computers/Laptops

IT maintains standard system quotes for departments to use when purchasing employee computers. Those quotes can be retrieved from the IT Help Desk website, or by contacting the IT Help Desk, directly. Special accommodations can be made for non-standard system quotes if there are specific, documented, software- or peripheral-related requirements.

All new or (or re-purposed for a new user) must be given to IT to be reloaded with the current operating system and standard applications.

ESU computers are configured for employees to log into them using their ESU username and password


IT provides basic software for all ESU owned computers which includes (but is not limited to) the Windows Enterprise or Mac OS operating system, latest version of Microsoft Office, Anti-virus, etc. \

Additional software can be purchased and installed on ESU owned computers however:

  • All software installed must be legally obtained, meet the licensing agreement of that software, and meet the contractual, procurement, and technical requirements of ESU.
  • It is the responsibility of the employee, or department, to maintain records and media for any additional software acquired.
  • IT will assist employees with acquiring quotes for software as well as ensuring that the software being acquired will meet the employees’ needs.

Printers & Peripherals

IT can provide assistance to employees and departments in researching peripherals (including printers), and acquiring any quotes necessary for their purchase.

IT can provide assistance with the physical setup of peripherals once they have been acquired.

Network printing is available in most departments on campus. Please check with your administrative assistant to determine if network printing is available in your area. Employees will only have access to network printers owned by their department and can install them from the IT Website.