Systems & Client Solutions

Responsible for supporting the computer infrastructure services required for the university academic and administrative systems. Services include authentication and identity management, central file services, directory services, email, software systems development, server support, database administration, desktop support, labs, and storage area networks.


Emerging Technologies Research

Contact: Brian Osbourn

Technology represents a continually evolving cycle, bringing us new software, new devices and with it a broad range of features and challenges.  The emerging technologies team is charged with keeping abreast of the latest operating systems, devices, and other user-focused and server technologies.  When possible, these technologies are tested for interoperability with current ESU systems and evaluated for their potential to offer a new IT solution to students, faculty and staff.


Apple OS & Device Support

Contact: Brian Osbourn

The Apple team provides hardware and software support for university-owned Apple computers and devices.  Downloadable software, including Microsoft Office for Mac is provided.  In addition to Mac OS X, support is provided for iOS devices including the iPhone and iPad.


Windows Server Applications and Support

Contact: Henry Teaford

The Windows Server team manages over 250 Windows, Linux and appliance based servers, including Hyper-V and VMware solutions.  Support is provided for IT management systems, specialized departmental applications and enterprise-wide IT solutions.  Services include video streaming, web servers, SQL Server-based applications.


Storage and Hosting Services

Contact: Brian Osbourn

Services are provided for hosting of virtual servers, physical servers, virtual desktops, and storage.  Plans and costs vary based on requirements.  The storage team manages Dell storage arrays and virtual solutions powered by Hyper-V or VMware.


Email & Messaging Support

Contact: Henry Teaford

The email team manages the Microsoft Exchange email system and Lync instant messaging services for employees.  Additionally, support is provided for Google Apps, including Gmail for students and retired employees and Google Drive for students and employees.


Identity Management & Directory Services

Contact: Henry Teaford

The identity team manages user accounts and related provisioning tools and processes for Active Directory and connected systems.   The team frequently works with the AIS and Security & Compliance teams to provide the appropriate access to systems and services including workstation logins, Exchange email, Google services, SharePoint, and Buzz In.


Digital Signage

Contact: Brian Osbourn or Tyler Gastineau

The digital signage team manages the specification, installation, and management of the digital signage including the display or television, coordination of work with University Facilities, device/player installation and server-based configuration.


User Experience (UX) & Creative

Contact: Tyler Gastineau

The UX team is charged with usability, web design and graphic development of IT-focused services and content ensuring the best quality experience for end users.  The team also works with the Office of the CIO on marketing campaigns and other promotional publications.


Network Printing and Scanning Infrastructure

Contact: Keith Meyer

Support for all aspects of printing and imaging is provided by this team including specification of the proper device to purchase, deployment of the device, network configuration and post-installation support.


Desktop & Endpoint Support/Deployment

Contact: Keith Meyer

The endpoint team includes support for university-owned Windows  & Apple desktops, laptops, tablets and kiosks.  A number of software applications are downloadable for Windows & Mac computers, including Microsoft Office.  The endpoint team ensures that computers are installed with a uniform install, connected to the campus Active Directory and are able to access common resources including network drives, the Internet, printers and email.  In addition to new deployments and support tickets, the endpoint team is responsible for computer lab and classroom updates and works with departments to develop and implement equipment refresh plans.


File Services and Network Drives

Contact: Henry Teaford

File services are provided via network drives (W: for departmental shares, X: for specialized or cross team shares, and Y: for individual user space).  The Y: drive is automatically provisioned for all students and employees.  Other network drive space is managed by departmental DACs.  The file services team provisions and manages access and removal requests the shared spaces.


Web Services (Sky, SharePoint, TechSIte)

Contact: Brian Osbourn or Tyler Gastineau

The web services team designs, develops and manages IT-based web services including all components of Sky (lab, print, files), TechSite (IT resources, software and tools), and SharePoint-based SkySites and SkyBoxes.  The team is also responsible for design and updates to the website.



Form Services (InfoPath and OnBase)

Contact: Tyler Gastineau

The form services team develops and publishes new and existing InfoPath-based University forms.  Additionally, the team works with the AIS team to support OnBase document imaging, workflow and EIS services.