Capstone Course

The capstone course requirement is a chance for each student to demonstrate the core skills of an interdisciplinarian. During the course of the semester, students will engage with material from varying disciplines that represent their interest areas; they will address a problem, challenge, or need, and propose interdisciplinary solutions or responses supported by valid research from varying fields and/or disciplines. As the culminating experience in the BID curriculum, it is taken during a student's last semester or two in the program; it demonstrates the synthesis of the student's understanding of the concept of interdisciplinarity and how to apply it in the real world.

Capstone course learning objectives:

In designing the capstone project, students will indicate an understanding of the usefulness of an interdisciplinary approach to conducting research and resolving contemporary problems.

The student will demonstrate the ability to apply knowledge from different disciplines to create a project with an interdisciplinary focus.

Students will identify and engage with material from the disciplines identified as their interest areas to identify a problem, challenge or need.

Students will conduct research in the relevant disciplines to understand, evaluate, and address the problem, challenge or need, and to propose interdisciplinary solutions.

Past Capstone Projects

Students in the past have completed capstone projects reflecting the many different interest areas they have pursued in the Interdisciplinary Studies Degree. For example: a study related to tax support for a city library; a project researching physical aspects of youth recreational activities; a research paper on the ethical treatment of adults with Alzheimer's disease in an assisted living facility; planning for a new city park in a small town in Kansas; developing new protocols for running a campus computer lab; and a wide variety of other projects and proposals.