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Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies

Design Your Own Major

A Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies (BID) major gives students the freedom to design an academic program that addresses their interests. Each BID program is unique and designed to fit the needs, interests and passions of the students in the major. Your education should be tailored to you and your future!

How do You Design Your Own Major?

What are the degree requirements for the Major?

Who do You Contact for Information?

Congratulations Interdisciplinary Studies Students

Job Possibilities

BID graduates have entered fields as diverse as their designed program. Students have pursued careers in the Peace Corps, university student services, international student admissions, public parks/recreation, publishing industry, corporate information technology assistance. Other students have used their self-designed degree to prepare for a master's degree in Theater, Art, English and Library Science.

Recent graduate Marion Schweitzer (2015) is the new Director of the Clay Center Carnegie Library. The BID can take you places!


Dr. Ellen R. Hansen
Chair, Department of Interdisciplinary Studies
Professor of Geography 
Phone: (620) 341-5583 
 (620) 341-5580 
Office: South Morse Hall 433


Adam Koci
Advisor, Department of Interdisciplinary Studies
Phone: (620) 341-5583
Fax: (620) 341-5580
Office: South Morse Hall 433

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What People are Saying!

"The BID program offered me new horizons to explore and the opportunity to pursue subjects that I found of interest. I was especially interested in Sociology and how it influences our culture, art, and architecture. The independent study program has given me the confidence that I needed to become an entrepreneur, not just a good employee. And, like so many other life-long students, it has given me the opportunity to be more involved with my son. "