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Ph.D. Political Science

Political Science

The political process affects every aspect of our lives. Laws are passed that regulate our personal and business behavior; taxes are passed that impact everyone. Even the air that we breathe is affected by laws that regulate emissions from cars and from industry. If you are interested in political processes and how they work, and how societies set up the structure that regulates how they operate, you should consider a degree in Political Science. ESU offers two tracks for Political Science majors. Students in the Bachelor of Science (B.S.) track will benefit from a disciplined study of legislative, executive and judicial institutions at the national, state, and local levels. Students will be prepared for graduate work in political science, policy analysis and law. Prospective careers would include work as a policy analyst, a member of a legislative staff, a lobbyist, advisor to candidates and political parties, and leadership of interest groups. The Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) track will teach students about the cultural, historical and foreign language components of the Political Science field. Graduates from this track are especially well-suited to continue their educations in law school or in a variety of other graduate studies. Careers are open in areas like foreign policy analysis, foreign service, military service, intelligence analysis, or as a consultant for international business and industry.

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What can you do with a degree in Political Science?

  • Education
  • Foreign policy analyst
  • Graduate or law school
  • Politics
  • Consultant 


  • Phi Gamma Mu
  • Active Republicans of Emporia State University
  • Emporia State Young Democrats

Requirements and Courses

  • General Education Requirement
  • Political Science Requirement: 30 hrs
  • 10 hrs of one foreign language
  • A minor in another field 

Bachelor of Science Requirement 

  • General Education Requirement
  • Political Science Requirement: 58-59 hrs
  • Electives: 12 hrs