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Ph.D. History


Do you have a desire to relive the past? Do historical events like the Civil War pique your interest? Do you like to read historical novels or non-fiction? Then you should consider history as a major! A degree in history prepares you for careers for which a broad liberal arts background is essential. These possible career opportunities include numerous areas of private business and government service. For example, a history major who understands the history and culture of foreign countries could find employment with the government as a foreign-service agent, or with a multinational corporation in a variety of roles. Many students who pursue this major also go on and take additional professional training in such areas as law, religion, library science, and journalism.

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What can you do with a degree in History?

  • Historical Consulting
  • Education
  • Museum or Archival Work
  • Journalism
  • Law School


  • Phi Alpha Theta Society
  • Society of Public Historians

Requirements and Courses

  • General Education Requirement
  • History Requirement: 30 hrs
  • 10 hrs of foreign language
  • Seond Program of Study: 15-30 hrs