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MS Informatics

MS Informatics

The Master of Science degree in Informatics from the School of Library and Information Management (SLIM) at Emporia State University (ESU) is a two-year interdisciplinary program that combines the expertise of faculty in the Information Systems program of the ESU School of Business and SLIM. Courses are all online and sequenced to enable students to graduate in two years by taking two courses per semester, including summers.

A graduate degree in Informatics complements previous educational achievements, offers prospects for increased earnings, and provides flexible skill sets for the future. The Informatics curriculum includes organizing and managing big data, adaptive leadership techniques, and innovative and strategic methodologies.

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What can you do with a degree in Informatics?

Be a part of an emerging field that creates new and exciting professional opportunities. Benefit from a rewarding career in a field that uses technology to solve diverse problems in various settings Students who graduate with a Master of Science in Informatics are qualified for a range of jobs in medical, health, military, business, not-for-profit, public, legal, and other sectors, for instance: Nursing Informatics (Clinical Informatics Analyst, Informatics Nurse, Healthcare Informatics Specialist, Medical Data Analyst, Health Systems Analyst, Legal Informatics (Discovery Analyst, Legal Documents Analyst, Case Management Consultant, Legal Investigator, Litigation Support Analyst, and others), Competitive Intelligence (Business Intelligence Analyst, Sales Force Analyst, Knowledge Management Officer, Intelligence Specialist, Predictive Data Analyst), and more.


The 12 credit hours of electives provide opportunities for students to specialize in a number of areas, such as Healthcare Informatics, Legal Informatics, Competitive Intelligence, and others fields customized to student interests.

Requirements and Courses

Graduation requirements include 18 credit hours of core courses, 12 credit hours of electives chosen from concentration course groups, and a practicum of six credit hours.

The required core courses for the Informatics major include the following:

LI 800 – Introduction to Informatics (3 credit hours)

LI 887 – System Analysis and Design (3 credit hours) (IS 823)

LI 844 – Database Design (3 credit hours)

LI 888 – Information Technology Project Management (3 credit hours) (IS 813)

LI 819 – Information Retrieval (3 credit hours)

LI 889 – Knowledge Management (3 credit hours) (IS 833)

LI 874 – Informatics Practicum

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