Employment Procedures for Unclassified Faculty and Administrative Positions

Emporia State University is committed to equal employment opportunity, equal educational opportunity, and nondiscrimination in the operations and administration of all University programs and services. All decisions with reference to employment (including, but not limited to, selection, discipline, promotion, or termination) and all decisions with reference to student status (including, but not limited to, admission, academic achievements, or discipline) will be made without regard to age, race, color, religion, gender, marital status, national origin, handicap or disability, status as a Vietnam Era Veteran, sexual orientation, or any other factors which cannot lawfully be considered, to the extent specified by applicable federal and state laws.

Open Faculty and Administrative (Unclassified) positions are managed by selected search committees.  Please review the individual open position listing for a description of the general duties and responsibilities, qualifications, and search committee instructions for applying for each position.