Group Life and Disability Insurance 

Group Life Insurance:

All benefits eligible university employees automatically have group life insurance coverage. The entire cost of the coverage is paid by Emporia State University.  The group life insurance coverage provides an insured death benefit which is 150% of the employee's annual rate of compensation.  Additional information about the basic group life insurance can be found at

All benefits eligible employees also have the option to purchase additional life insurance for themselves, their spouse, and/or their children.  This benefit is available from The Standard, and new employees are eligible for $50,000 of guaranteed coverage (without proof of good health) within 30 days of their hire date. More information about this optional group life coverage can be found at

Upon termination of employment or retirement, an employee may convert either of these group life insurance policies to an individual policy. This conversion must be made within 31 days of termination or retirement, whichever occurs first. This individual policy is sold by the carrier and is not available at group rates. While the cost of this insurance is competitive with other carriers, the primary advantage is that issuance of the policy does not require proof of good health of the former employee. The employee should visit to learn more about porting or converting group life insurance.

The ESU Employee Association also sponsors optional group life insurance through UNUM. Open enrollment for this coverage is held every October.

Long Term Disability Insurance:

All benefits eligible university employees have long term disability insurance coverage. The entire cost of the coverage is paid by Emporia State University.

Disability income benefits provide a monthly benefit based on 60% of the employee's annual rate of compensation. There is a required 180 day waiting period. Disability income benefits are subject to reduction for benefits received from Social Security, worker's compensation, or any other employer-provided disability benefit.  For additional details, visit

  • Qualifying members may have different benefit options depending on age at time of disability. Contact the Office of Human Resources for any questions.


Accidental Death Benefits:

If an employee dies as the result of an accident arising out of the performance of their duties, accidental death benefits are payable to the employee's spouse, to the children under age 18 or up to age 23 if full-time students, or to dependent parents, in that order. Benefits are a $50,000 lump sum payment and a monthly amount based on 50% of the employee's final average salary subject to reduction for any benefits received under worker's compensation. Benefits are in addition to the insured death benefit and the return of KPERS contributions plus interest. The minimum benefit is $100 per month.