Guidelines for Tuition Assistance Program for
Course and Seminar Enrollments

Link to Employee Tuition Assistance Application

I.          Policy

Recognizing the importance of continuing education, Emporia State University will provide tuition assistance to benefit-eligible employees of the University.  Such tuition assistance will be applied toward the cost of tuition, and will be limited to courses which will better prepare employees to perform the duties of their present assignments or which will help prepare them for upward mobility with the University.  For courses needed by employees to follow an upgrading of division operations, employees are encouraged to ask the department for assistance in training.

II.         Program Administration

Human Resources will administer the allocation of the budgeted tuition assistance funds. Human Resources will make recommendations to the President on policies for the administration of the tuition assistance program.

III.        Eligibility to Apply for Tuition Assistance

All employees who

(1) are employed by ESU and have completed not less than 12 months or not less than one academic year in a benefits-eligible position prior to the first official start date of classes for which they are requesting assistance; and

(2)   have a current performance evaluation of at least “meeting performance expectations” will be eligible for assistance.

Employees on leave of absence without pay will not be eligible for assistance while on leave.  Employees receiving financial aid through other programs (excluding staff fee reduction program) within the University may not be eligible for assistance under this program.

Employees who have previously received assistance must have satisfactorily completed the course(s) in the prior semester in which a grade is available and supported by this program in order to receive continued support.  (See VII below.) 

IV.        Approval of Courses 

Tuition assistance will be available for all regular and continuing education courses offered by Emporia State University.  The course must be taken for credit, and provide growth or development to the employee, or benefit the University.  A course previously supported by tuition assistance that has been satisfactorily completed will not be eligible for further funding. Awards may be approved on a contingent basis with approval from Human Resources on a case by case circumstance. 

V.         Determination of Tuition Awards 

A determined amount of tuition assistance dollars is allocated each fiscal year.  All complete applications of request which meet the established eligibility requirements and which are received by the established deadline date will be considered for tuition assistance.  The following factors will be considered in determining awards: 

1.         Courses which are related to job enhancement

2.         Courses which are degree-seeking

3.         Other financial aid received by the applicant

4.         Whether the applicant has received prior tuition assistance

5.         Length of continuous employment with the University 

Funds may not be available to cover all requests. In the event requests exceeding funds, the Director of Human Resources and Affirmative Action Officer will convene an Ad Hoc Tuition Assistance Advisory Board for final determination of awards, based upon the above criteria.

The award decisions are final. 

VI.        Limits of Support          

Support from this program will be limited to the equivalent cost of ESU tuition of six credit hours in any semester or summer term. The University reserves the right to limit the dollar amount of support for any individual employee.  Funding limitations may not allow full tuition assistance for consecutive enrollment periods. 

Under certain circumstances, the amount of tuition assistance granted may be considered taxable income by the Internal Revenue Service.  The employee should consult an attorney, accountant, or tax preparer for additional information and advice on how the tax laws apply in the individual’s specific case. 

VII.       Verification of Completion 

Should an individual withdraw from or fail to successfully complete a course supported by this program, the individual will not be eligible to receive further assistance until the individual has satisfactorily completed comparable credit hours at his/her own expense.  Successful completion of an undergraduate course will require a grade of “C” or better; successful completion of a graduate course will require a grade of “B” or better. 

If an individual is enrolled in thesis or dissertation courses where on-going classes are taken and grades are not awarded each semester, verification of positive progress must be provided by the instructor of record.  It is the responsibility of the applicant to obtain this verification and submit it with the application.  If it is not included, the application will be considered incomplete and assistance may not be awarded to the individual. 

VIII.      Class Scheduling 

The policy to be followed for scheduling course enrollment will be:

(1)     Employees are encouraged to enroll in courses which are held at times other than the hours covered by the employee’s work schedule. 

(2)     Release time for course work will be determined by the employee supervisor’s recommendation to the appropriate administrative head, who will have the final decision.  Supervisor and department head signatures on the application form will establish approval. 

IX.        Procedure for Applications 

Applications for course tuition assistance must be submitted to the Human Resources Office no later than the set due date. Applicants must be enrolled in classes prior to applying for assistance.  Forms for requesting tuition assistance are available online at this link.  After appropriate review(s), Human Resources will notify the applicant of the decision.