Background Check Process

Background checks are conducted by the Office of Human Resources in accordance with University Policy 3I, and University Procedures.

In addition to verifications required by law, employment offers for all permanent positions, and limited term positions of more than six months shall be contingent upon a successful criminal background check facilitated by the Office of Human Resources. The University may perform, or require, criminal and other background verifications on candidates regardless of duration of employment, or student, volunteer, independent contractor, vendor, or intern status as required by law or University policy, upon a determination the position requires such background check.

  1. Department personnel may click here to initiate the background check request process. Access to this link is only granted to personnel performing Office/Department Manager functions at ESU.
  2. Human Resources receives the background check request, and verifies that a background check is required.
  3. Human Resources sends an email to the candidate with instructions on how to complete the background check profile and authorization.
  4. Once the profile is completed, the applicant receives email verification, and Human Resources orders the appropriate background checks.
  5. Human Resources reviews the background check results. Departments are notified when the candidate is cleared for hire. In the case that a result is flagged, Human Resources will determine the next steps in accordance with University policies, the Fair Credit Reporting Act, and other applicable laws.