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About Us:

The Office of Human Resources supports ESU’s vision of “changing lives for the common good” through the university’s employees. We strive to recruit, hire, and retain faculty and staff who embody the values of excellence, respect, responsibility, and service. In doing so, we are building a community which is preparing students for lifelong learning, rewarding careers, and adaptive leadership.

Additionally, the Office of Human Resources is committed to the growth and well-being of all university employees. This is accomplished through the functions of employee relations, performance management, compensation and benefits, and professional development.Our office is open 7:30am to 5:30pm, Monday through Friday. Please feel free to stop by, or contact us at or (620) 341-5379 if you don’t find what you need on our website, or if you have questions about employment at ESU.


Pay Adjustments

President Garrett announced pay adjustments for eligible employees, becoming effective on October 6, 2019 (appearing on the November 1, 2019 paycheck). The president's email can be read in the Past Communication section below, and a list of FAQ about the pay adjustments can be found here.


Tuition Assistance/Waiver

Dependent and spouse Tuition Waiver applications for the summer semester are due by the 1st day of enrolled class. The student must be enrolled in at least one class prior to starting the application, and the E# for the employee and student will also be required.

Employee Tuition Assistance applications for the Spring 2020 semester are due Friday, December 20, 2019.  The employee must be enrolled in at least one class prior to starting the application. 

The applications, guidelines, and more information can be found under the Current Employees > Tuition Assistance tab near the top of this page. We regret that we will be unable to accept late applications.


Past Communication

Stay up-to-date with information from Human Resources.  Below are the recent emails that have been sent to employees.

Reporting Discrimination and Harassment Made Simpler

Hornet Announcements

Since November 2018, when Jennifer Ananda, JD, MSW, stepped in as the Title IX Coordinator, the Title IX office...

Fri, August 9     last month

Since November 2018, when Jennifer Ananda, JD, MSW, stepped in as the Title IX Coordinator, the Title IX office has been busy. Not only has the office investigated several Title IX reports, but a considerable amount of work has been done to make the Title IX process more accessible and transparent.

The Title IX Coordinator and the Director of Human Resources, who investigates other complaints of discrimination and harassment, Ray Lauber, are pleased to announce a new email address that is designed to receive all complaints of discrimination and harassment, including Title IX complaints.

Requests for training, complaints of discrimination and harassment, and other Title IX or general discrimination and harassment inquiries can now be sent to

Keep an eye out for future changes to be announced in the Fall 2019 semester, including a Discrimination and Harassment website with website features to assist individuals with finding resources and navigate the Title IX process while continuing to access their education and employment.

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Pay Adjustments

Announcement from President Garrett

Dear Colleagues, I hope that you are enjoying summer and ...

Fri, June 28     2 months ago

June 28, 2019

Dear Colleagues,

I hope that you are enjoying summer and are eager to start another school year. 

Governor Laura Kelly and the Kansas Legislature passed a budget providing Regent Universities with a pool of salary dollars for employee pay increases in fiscal year 2020.  Funding provided by the Governor and Legislature to ESU amounted to approximately 60% of the funds required to create a 2.5% salary pool.  Therefore, the Vice Presidents and I have discussed how to use these funds and other university funds to meet our long-term pay commitments.  This is a part of our overall approach to compensation. Those commitments include:

  • Addressing compression issues that developed over many years, even if that’s done in small increments;
  • Funding merit pay to reward high performers; and
  • Maintaining a competitive pay system.

Our strategy with this pay pool will help us move forward with these commitments.

ESU has committed to a total salary pool of 2.5% for employees. The increases to faculty and staff will be administered as follows:

  • 2/3 (1.68%) of the salary increase will be distributed to all benefits-eligible employees meeting the following criteria:
    • Employed at ESU in a benefits-eligible position for one year or more as of September 1, 2019;
    • Received a satisfactory or better on the most recent performance review/evaluation; and
    • Completed the DiversityEDU training by the deadline of August 16, 2019.
  • 1/3 (.82%) of the pool will be distributed based upon merit.

Employees can potentially receive both the base salary increase and a merit increase.

Pay increases will be effective for the pay period beginning October 6, 2019 (November 1, 2019 pay check). This will allow time to follow the merit processes established in policy, and to determine the specific criteria for administering merit increases. A FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) document is attached for additional explanation.

Continued participation in recruiting and retaining students and advocating for ESU in the community and with state legislators is key to moving ESU forward. Thank you, to each and every one of you. Your commitment to ESU is reflected daily in the rich learning opportunities that prepare our students for the future, the services and support delivered to our students, and the beauty of our campus.


Allison D. Garrett



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Employee Tuition Assistance and Dependent & Spouse Tution Waiver

Application Deadline for Fall 2019

Employee Tuition Assistance Applications for Fall 2019 for ESU Employees are due by Friday, July 26, at 5:00 p.m...

Fri, June 7     3 months ago

Employee Tuition Assistance Applications for Fall 2019 for ESU Employees are due by Friday, July 26, at 5:00 p.m.  A short instructional video with important information is provided to assist in completing the electronic application.  Please be advised you must be enrolled in one or more classes in order to complete your application. We regret we will be unable to accept late applications.

USS Employees must have a current performance evaluation of at least “meeting performance expectations” to be eligible for assistance.

Dependent and Spouse Tuition Waiver Program Applications for dependent and spouse may be submitted until the 10th day of class for fall and spring semesters, and by the first day of the enrolled class for the summer session.  Please be aware you will need your employee number as well as your dependent’s student ID number for the electronic application.

The following link will provide the guidelines and the applications for each:

Please contact the office of Human Resources at 341-5379 or email if you have questions about these programs.

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USS to Unclassified Conversion

Information Sessions

Last year, the University Support Staff Senate proposed and voted to allow current employees...

Thu, May 9     4 months ago

USS to Unclassified Conversion Info. Sessions

Last year, the University Support Staff Senate proposed and voted to allow current employees in USS positions to convert to the Unclassified service. This move allows USS employees to access the Kansas Board of Regents Mandatory Retirement Plan, which is a 403(b) Defined Contribution Plan. Last fall, the USS Senate hosted town hall meetings to share information about the proposal and vote, the options available to employees in USS positions, and deadlines for interested employees to decide by.

The next deadline of May 15, 2019 is coming up shortly for employees interested in converting to Unclassified service, which would be effective on June 16, 2019.

The Office of Human Resources will be hosting two informational sessions about the steps to convert to Unclassified service, as well as outlining the differences between USS and Unclassified positions. Please feel free to join Ray Lauber, Director of Human Resources, at one of two sessions to learn more:

  • Friday, May 10, 2019 at 4 pm in the Kanza Room, Memorial Union Room 233
  • Monday, May 13, 2019 at 2 pm in the Blue Key Room, Memorial Union Room 216

The session will include time for questions and answers.

Please be sure to work with your supervisor if you are interested in attending one of the meetings.

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Biometric Screening Reminder

HealthQuest Biometric Screenings

Reminder: Our next biometric screening will be held Tuesday morning, May 7, 2019 in ...

Mon, May 6     4 months ago

Biometric Screenings

Reminder: Our next biometric screening will be held Tuesday morning, May 7, 2019 in the KSTC Ballroom.  Walk-ins will be taken as time allows.

If you signed up but cannot remember your appointment time, please call 888-275-1205. If you (and your spouse if applicable) have already had your screening(s), please disregard this message.

If you wish to discuss your results with a health coach for additional credit, you can set up a private appointment by clicking the “Health Coach Registration” link in your HealthQuest Portal,, or by calling 888-275-1205. Please note: There will not be a health coach available on-site this time, however, we will have a health coach on campus May 16, 2019 in the KSN room. Phone appointments are also available.

Please remember that these biometric screenings can help you earn HealthQuest points toward the Premium Incentive Discount on your per check health insurance cost, as well as additional employer HSA/HRA contributions, if applicable. The screening itself is worth 5 HealthQuest credits, plus you can earn an additional 6 credits each if your blood pressure, glucose, and total cholesterol test within the established “Healthy Ranges” for each. (If your results do not fall into the “healthy range” for any of these tests, you may complete the associated CCE Reasonable Alternative Workshop via your HealthQuest Portal to earn the missed credits.)

If you have not yet scheduled your screening, we have additional dates remaining for 2019. Remember, walk-ins will be taken as time allows.


Remaining On Campus Biometric Screening Dates

September 23, 2019

October 14, 2019

November 8, 2019


To Schedule an On-site Biometric Screening appointment go to log in, then select “Biometric Screenings” in the image slider at the top of the page. From here, you can schedule your appointment.

If you cannot make it to an on campus screening, locations are available throughout the state



You have the ability to earn the most points by attending an on-site screening, however, you can also choose an alternative method; a physician form, which now requires the provider’s signature, or a home test kit via U.S. Mail). 


You may use biometric results from a recent physician's visit to complete your Healthy Range Incentive Form. The State Employee Health Plan will cover one preventive exam per calendar year in full (with no co-pay). Print the Healthy Range Incentive Form to take with you to your appointment. A health care clinic representative’s signature is required. Employees may use test results from visits occurring between January 1, 2019, and December 26, 2019. All forms must be submitted by November 13, 2019 to receive credits for additional employer HSA/HRA contributions, and by December 27, 2019 to receive credit towards the premium incentive discount.

  • AT-HOME SCREENING KIT - Worth 5 Credits

At-home screening kits are available to those who do not have access to a biometric screening event in their area.  A test kit is mailed to your home upon request.  You collect your own blood sample through a simple finger stick test and return your sample in a self-addressed, stamped envelope.  Your results are automatically loaded into your online health assessment questionnaire within 15 business days of returning your sample. PLEASE NOTE: the at-home test kit does not include results for blood pressure, height, weight and waist circumference.

  • To order an at-home test kit, log into your account on the HealthQuest Portal at click ”Biometric Screenings” in the image slider at the top of the page. This will take you to all biometric options. Choose the Home Kit Option. You should not order a home kit if you are planning on attending a screening event or obtaining your values from your physician.

Please contact Human Resources at 341-5379 if you have questions or need assistance.

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HealthQuest Deadlines

Discount and Incentive Deadlines

Employees and spouses enrolled in the State Employee Health Plan who complete the ...

Fri, September 28     more than a year ago.

HealthQuest 2018 Deadlines

Employees and spouses enrolled in the State Employee Health Plan who complete the REQUIRED Health Assessment and earn credits by participating in wellness activities throughout the year can earn a premium reduction in 2019. Members enrolled in Plans C, J, Q and N can also earn HRA/HSA dollars to be awarded throughout 2018.


Deadline for 2018 HealthQuest Employer HSA/HRA Contributions

If you elected Plans C, J, N or Q, you are eligible to receive employer contributions to your Health Savings Account or Health Reimbursement Account.  Each HealthQuest point you earn is worth a $10 employer contribution into your HSA or HRA, up to $500 each year. Spouses are also eligible to earn up to $500. However, these HSA/HRA employer funds have to be processed on a 2018 paycheck, so the points have to be received by the State Employee Health Plan no later than November 19, 2018 in order to receive the HSA/HRA employer HealthQuest contributions. Several options exist for earning points quickly, like the EAP On-Demand Webinars and Health Coaching phone calls. However, please note the processing time for wellness exams, below.


Wellness Exams (Medical, Dental (2) and Vision)

You can earn points for various activities, including getting your annual wellness exam, two dental cleanings, and a vision exam each year. However, it takes two to six weeks from the time the provider files the claim for it to be processed and then sent to the State Employee Health Plan.


HSA/HRA Employer HealthQuest Contributions

o If you elected Plan C, J, N or Q, it would be wise make sure your wellness exams were completed at least six weeks prior to November 19, 2018 (which would be  October 8, 2018) and the claim is filed by the provider’s office immediately. Please note that there is no date of service by which the State Employee Health Plan has stated they can guarantee your wellness visit would be eligible for 2018 HSA/HRA dollars. It has only been stated that wellness visits can take up to six weeks for processing.

Premium Incentive Discount  (up to $20 off per check)

o Employees in all plans are eligible to receive a premium discount of up to $20 off per check. If you are covering your spouse, your spouse must also earn 40 HealthQuest points to receive the full discount for 2019; ($10 off for employee + $10 off for spouse = $20 off total per check). If you are not covering a spouse, you must earn 40 points to get the $20 discount. The deadline for the premium discount is different than the HSA/HRA deadline, so you still have until December 31, 2018 for the credits to be received for the premium incentive discount. Therefore, it would be wise to have your visits completed and the claims filed at least six weeks prior to the December 31, 2018 discount deadline.


Biometric Screening Deadlines

On-site Biometric Screening (You are eligible to get the 5 credits for attending an onsite screening plus the 6 credit for blood pressure)

You are eligible to earn the most points by obtaining your biometric values this way. Our final 2018 Onsite Biometric Screening will be held in the Memorial Union Ballroom on October 15, 2018. You can check for other onsite screenings at various locations throughout the state. If you have not done so already, register now in your HealthQuest Portal, or by calling 888-275-1205.


There are two more options for obtaining biometric values:

· Physician Form (you will not get the 5 credits for attending an onsite screening)

o HRA/HSA deadline - 11/14/2018

o 2019 premium reduction - 12/27/2018


· Home Test Kit (You will get the 5 biometric screening attendance credits, but will not be able to get the 6 credits for blood pressure)

o HRA/HSA deadline - 11/5/2018

o 2019 premium reduction – 12/10/2018


Helpful Links

· HealthQuest portal:

· For more information, see

· HealthQuest Newsletters:


 HealthQuest Contact Information

· Phone 888-275-1205

· Email

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