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Why Communication Testimonials from Past Students

Read testimonials from our past students

Tess Hobson

Kansas State University Interim Assistant Director of the Office of Undergraduate Research and Creative Inquiry 2012-2013 ESU Newberg Distinguished Senior 2013 ESU Graduate, Communication

“Currently working as a higher education professional, I find myself using the knowledge and competencies I gained from the top-notch, caring faculty in the Department of Communication and Theatre at Emporia State every single day. The faculty members not only cared about my success in the classroom but they were also invested in my professional success after graduation. Their guidance along with the practical everyday skills I gained in public speaking; interpersonal, nonverbal, and intercultural communication; conflict resolution and research served as an amazing foundation from which to launch my professional career!”

Yukii Hoshino Ntumba

Foreign Student Advisor, Program Coordinator, Online English Instructor 2013 ESU Graduate, Communication

“Walking down the hallway or visiting the offices in Roosevelt Hall before or after class, professors always took time to come up to me so they could ask me how I was doing. Coming from a foreign country, having personal and meaningful connections was so important, and I loved that they made me feel that I belonged there. Studying communication has confirmed my passion to support international students in the US. As a Foreign Student Advisor/ Program Coordinator/ Online English Instructor, I use the skills I gained from my studies on a daily basis. I am wholeheartedly thankful to the faculty and staff members at ESU Department of Communication and Theatre for helping me become the person I am today!”

Dr. Seth M. Carter

President, Colby Community College 2009 ESU Graduate, Communication

“Emporia State University helped provide me an excellent foundation for success. As a transfer student from a community college, I was concerned about the transition to a university. The wonderful faculty and staff helped make the transition as smooth as possible. I will always owe a debt of gratitude to the faculty at Emporia State University. They took a personal interest in me and helped spark my personal interest in education.”

Thomas Felt

Owner Thomas Felt Photography 2008 ESU Graduate, Communication

“After two failed attempts at different majors with no direction, I thankfully ended up in the Communication Department. It was a turning point in my life, both personally and professionally. I gained numerous skills that helped me move forward in a positive direction. Since graduation, I successfully worked in sales, graduated with an MS in School Counseling (and spent four years of service in education), and started my own business. I say I'm now a full time photographer; I also own two apartment buildings. None of these accomplishments would have been possible without my education from the Communication Department and Emporia State University. It's not only the content that helped me but also the relationships I built with the communication faculty, many of which I still maintain. To say I am thankful to this program and the people who make it all possible is an understatement.”

Julianne “Juli” Piper-Talkington

District Sales Representative for Norfolk Iron & Metal 1999 ESU Graduate, Communication

“The Communication Department faculty at Emporia State University is phenomenal. I wouldn't be where I am at today without having my professors and advisor prepare me for the workforce through insightful direction and knowledge. You will not find more of an intelligent and caring academic faculty than the Communication Department at ESU”

Kelly Emig Mobray

Director of Adult Education, Salina Public Schools and Saline County Coalition to Reduce Poverty Simulation Facilitator 1996 ESU Graduate, Communication

“From day one of my campus tour to becoming a student, the Communication Department faculty at ESU stood beside me, helping me navigate course selection and concentrations that would complement my communication major . . . The Emporia State University Communication Department not only prepared me personally and professionally to be successful in my work, they supported my growth to be able to effectively impact my community, and model quality communication with my staff and my students! The communication training I received is at the core of every aspect of the work I do at a local and state level!”