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Why Communication Testimonials from Current Students

Read testimonials from our current students

Katelyn Flynn- Senior, Communication Major- Wamego, KS

“I have never had a better experience in my college classes than in my communication classes. I really connect with my professors who are more than willing to help me when I come to a problem. I also have grown very close with other communication majors because the class is smaller and group projects are always fun with someone you are comfortable with. The classes that are offered are very beneficial in learning real life material that can help you rock your future interviews, write a successful research study, use communication theories, and even how to become a better public speaker.”

MaKenna Price- Senior, Communication Major

“Going in to college I had no idea what I wanted my major to be. I only knew one thing: I enjoy interacting with people. After talking with my advisor, he suggested communication. I was not completely sold on this suggestion, but I decided to enroll in interpersonal communication anyways. This is when I realized the communication major was the right major for me. Learning how people interact and really analyzing communication become something that I think is extremely important because most all careers are going to revolve around human interaction and communication.”

Michaela Tindle- Senior, Communication Major- Fredonia, KS

"I love people and I wanted my degree to propel me forward in a field where I could create relationships with others. ESU placed me in the Communication major and it was love at first sight. When I looked over the list of classes to enroll in, I was so excited. Every class sounded interesting to me. Over the past four semesters I have learned so much about communication, relationships, and groups. I have enjoyed every professor I have had in these courses. Each one has been incredibly helpful and always available to answer questions. With being smaller in size, the communication department feels like a family. You get to know everyone very well. Communication is a central part of life."