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Shepherd Scholarships

The Shepherd Scholars Program annually honors Emporia State's most outstanding students, as determined through a robust and competitive application process.  Emporians R. Hershel and Augusta Shepherd established this program through an endowed gift of $150,000 to ESU Foundation in 1995.  Through the years, the scholarship has been further enhanced by continued investments from Hershel and Augusta and their children: daughter and son-in-law, Joyce and Craig French; son, James Shepherd; and daughter and son-in-law, Judy and David Hawkins.  Each year the annual income from this fund is used to honor up to 15 outstanding scholars.  


Eligible students will have maintained a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.0 and shall (a) meet, at a minimum, the traditional definition of “Junior” classification by having completed at least 60 credit hours at the time of application, and (b) have at least two semesters’ worth of coursework remaining prior to degree attainment.  Honors College membership is NOT required for eligibility.

Each of the scholars receives a plaque and a scholarship award of no less than $1,500 for the following academic year to recognize his or her achievements. In addition, they are designated ESU Shepherd Scholars for their senior year.  Due to the continued generosity of the Shepherd family, the scholarship amount may increase based on available funds.

Applications are due by March 1, 2019

Application Process and Materials:

In the MOA for the scholarship there is a slight preference for students who graduated from a high school in Lyon County or one of the counties that border Lyon County.Students are encouraged to seek the advice of an advisor or other professor as they prepare their application materials.

Send application materials to:

Dr. Gary Wyatt, Associate Provost
Plumb Hall room 205, Emporia State University, Emporia, KS 66801 

For questions or additional information, call 620-341-5899, or contact us by e-mail.  All materials are due by Friday, March 1, 2019.

Past and Current Shepherd Scholars


Corryn Anderson, History
Kelsi Delong, Nursing
Elisabeth Evans, Mathematics Education
Victoria Goetzinger, Sociology
Bailee Kober, Nursing
Joseph Lane, Art
Andrea L'Ecuyer, Elementary Education
Carissa McAfee, Marketing
Cyrielle Peyroche, Political Science
Caylie Ratzlaff, English Education and Social Science Education
Derek Reese, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Maggie White, Mathematics Education


Gabriela Amparan, Secondary English Education
Savannah Bender. Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Erynn Dahlke, Economics
Breanna Gilger, Nursing
Tara Lierz, Music Performance and Business Administration
Megan McReynolds, Political Science
Tiana Moala, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Dylan Osterhaus, Biology
Christianne Parks, Psychology
Kevin Sandoval, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Thuong Tran, Art
Margret Unruh, Communication and Music


Michael Hendricks, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Brittany Kramer, Nursing
Paige Nurnberg, Mathematics Education
Jessica Parks, Political Science
Andy Renteria, Chemistry and Physics
Mariah Rey, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Farhan Sadique, Marketing and Management
Caite Schoeck, Biology
Sarah Spoon, English and Spanish
Garrett VanArsdale, Music, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Henry Weiner, Mathematics Education
Bailee Wilson, Biology


Christopher Alderman, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Jaide Allenbrand, Biology
Elayna Coleman, English Education
Taylor Heins, Health Promotion
Kelly Holden, Nursing
Raymond Horvat, Music Education
Kandace Miller, Mathematics
Eswin Rios, Social Sciences
Brandon Schrader, Economics, Psychology
Dallas Shafer, Business Education, Mathematics
Mikala Sharlow, Communication
Franziska Willenbuecher, Business Administration


Abbey Davies, English
Olivia N. Henning
, Music Education
Tyler S. Huddleston, Communication
Jeana M. Johnson, Mathetmatics
Benjamin R. Kerbs, Biology
Isabella N. Khatri, Modern Languages
Chesea R. Liftin, Art
Madeline M. Malley, Nursing
Brian R. Mosier, Mathematics
Janet B. Weaver, Psychology
Derek A. Wilson, Sociology
Peyton L. Wingert, Mathematics


Abigail Black, Secondary Education, Math
Aaron C. Cox, Secondary Education, Social Sciences
Nakita L. Elwood, Sociology
Kylie L. Geiman, Speech and Theatre Education
Sertrice S. Grice, Psychology
Sarah A. Harrington, Music
Jonathan L. Holsapple, English Education
Taylor J. Huettenmueller, Mathematics
Tiffany B. Khounsombath, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Miranda M. Mai, Business Administration
Katherine Slayton, Psychology
Logan Sleezer, Earth Science and Biology
Donald Wilcox, Biology


Eric Anderson, Pre-Medical Biology
María Castro Muñoz, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Allex Dysart, Elementary Education
Kira Hall, Computer Science
Rachel Hovey, Secondary Education: Physics & Chemistry
Christopher Krause, Secondary Education: Earth Science & Chemistry
Kady Paul, Elementary Education
Adam Petz, Computer Science & Mathematics
Nicole Reutzel, Secondary Education: Mathematics
Brooke Schultz, Elementary Education
Michelle Wilk, Secondary Education: English
Hui Yang,  Elementary Education


Macy Anderson, Nursing
Amy Bretches, Computer Science & Mathematics (Minor: Information Systems)
Jasmine Greene, Political Science (Minor: Spanish)
Tess Hobson, Communication (Minor: Leadership)
Amy Kay Lee, Communication (Minor: Leadership)
Brittanie Nichole McKenna, Elementary Education
Kaitlin Moore, Elementary Education & ESL
Christopher Roland, Communications & Social Science
Bobbie Brooke Schmidt, Spanish (Minor: Leadership)
Alaina Young, Sociology (Minor: Psychology)


Sarah Anderson
Hannah Belton
Yuying Cao
Jianlei Chen
Daria Cuznetova
Asher Delmott
Caroline Ewing
Lezley Lawson
Chase McIver
Abbi Moser
Lindsey Smith
Ellen Weiss


Lindsay Dorsch, English
Ryan Hahn, Chemistry
Alli Jordan, English
Madeline Kilmer, Elementary Education
Lasonya McElroy, Communications
Miranda Renfro, Secondary English Education
April Robbs, Elementary Education
Amanda Rose, Nursing
Kevin Roulhac, Social Sciences
Nicole Skala, Accounting
Stephanie Ternes, Accounting
Tianyue Zhao, Economics


Frances Busby, Secondary English Education
Caitlin Eck, Accounting
Jill Ferrell, Secondary English Education
Paige Kinzie, Secondary English Education
Karen Kroge, Secondary Social Sciences Education
Jonathan Krueger, Political Science and Public Affairs
Jacob Kucza, Elementary Education
Katie McClain, Secondary Social Sciences Education
Jasmine Puderbaugh, Secondary English and French Education
Levi Short, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Tamara Stimatze, Psychology and Rehabilitation
Melissa Swager, Mathematics


Kristina Bramwell, Secondary Social Sciences and Psychology Education
Jonathan Eusey, Biology
Courtney Knaup, Physics
Dustin Loyd, Biology
Ryan Norton, Business Education
Sarah Sadowsky,
Stephanie Schifferdecker, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology
Jonathan Torres, Business Administration, Spanish
Dallas Weaver, Earth Science
Trevor Williamson, Spanish Literature
Krista Zogelman, Nursing, Spanish


Valynn A. Christie, Elementary Education
Kelli N. Coble, English, Sociology
Ashley N. Czajkowski, Art
Lindsay M. Davis, Biology
Megan A. Grisell, Spanish, Coaching
Jonathan Y. Haney, Mathematics, Philosophy
Heather K. Harrison, Elementary Education, Spanish
Andrew A. Holt, Earth Science
Jeffrey A. Kohlmeier, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Kyla Lewis
Rachel E. Reeves, Political Science
Eric S. Runge, Economics
Aniesa D. Slack, Biology, Spanish
Jaclyn R. Sill, Social Science, Coaching
Kelly M. Thompson, Communication


Erin Christians, English, German, Creative Writing
Stephanie Clark, Art, German
Brenda Hughes, Accounting
Brandy Jones, Health and Physical Education
Ryan Kohlmeier, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Gena Langley, Elementary Education
Jacob Magnusson, Mathematics
Jeffrey Prendergast, Biology
Danielle Sedivy, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Tiffany Shogren, Mathematics Education, Journalism Education
Janelle Shoup, Accounting, Earth Science
James Whitney, Biology
Christine Yates,Psychology, Biology, Sociology


Lyssa Bandel, French, East Asian Studies, and Ethnic & Gender Studies
Sherri Braksick, Athletic Training
Laura Darby, Psychology and Sociology
Janelle Easton, Biology
Emily Graham, Biology (Pre-Physical Therapy)
Christine Henry, Psychology and Sociology
Kathleen Hensley, Elementary Education - Middle level English
Andrea Luthi, Environmental Biology, Chemistry, and Spanish
Tiara Naputi, Communication and Spanish
Amanda Pearce, Secondary Education - Middle School Science & High School Chemistry
Jennifer Robertson, Accounting
Enilda Romero, Business Administration (International Business)
Jennifer Savage, Psychology and Sociology
Shannon Wooton, Secondary Education - Mathematics
Amy Zeller, Nursing


Mathew A. Becker, Physcis
Christopher L. Dobbs, Earth Science & Mathematics
Elizabeth J. Dorsey, History
Lauren J. Gantz, English
Curtis J. Grote, Social Sciences & Economics
Darcy A. Illk, Business Management
Stefanie L. Jacks, Elementary Education
Meaghan A. Jackson, Elementary Education, Secondary Mathematics
Kristen L. Larson, History
Jeung-Eun Lee, Nursing, Biology
M. Ali Nashatizadeh, Psychology
Amanda M. Reeves, Chemistry
Erin M. Smith, Chemistry
Bridget L. Stull, Psychology
Megan A. Williams, Physical Education & Health Education


Benjamin Lee Areheart, Biology
Kristen Michelle DeHaven, Biology and Foreign Languages
Lucila Magali Eceiza, Accounting
Mary Louise Gaetz, Theatre
Rachel Marie Goetz, Economics
Theresa Jean Holderbach, Elementary Education and Foreign Languages
Natalie Jeanne Moreau, Business Administration and Economics
Thomas Robert Resch, Chemistry
Melinda Clara Schick, Music
Sherman Robert Smith, English
Patricia A. Sutton, Elementary Education
Seth Alan Vernon, Chemistry
Molly Aspen Young, Communication


Mindy Lyn Baker, Mathematics
Samuel Herbert Barrett, Music
Erin Jeanne Carnahan, Business Administration
Ryan Hunter Diehl, English and History
Evan Harold Eusey, English
Jason Michael Kennedy, Chemistry
Racheal Deanne LeClear, Art and Foreign Languages
Leah Rene (McBride) Childers, Mathematics
Suzanne Nicole McReynolds, Foreign Languages
Stephen James Moore, Communication
Takako Otsuki, Foreign Languages
Ashley Ross, Business Administration
Sheryl Lynn Shirley, Sociology
Jason Alan Sickel, Music
Sarah (Thon) Dent, Psychology and Social Sciences


Amanda Sue Anstine, Computer Science and Mathematics
Timothy Philip Bogner, English
Melinda R. Born, English and Mathematics
Kristin Janell Brune, Biology
Sara Elizabeth Coltrane, Music
Sarah Elizabeth Crum, Chemistry
Adriane Nicole Edwards, Elementary Education
Anna Katherine Egging, English
Audrey Lynn (Feldmann) Eusey, Foreign Languages and English
Shawn Ian Jackson, Biology
Courtney Ryan Marsh, Foreign Languages
Kristen Amber Mengelkoch, Theatre
Patricia G. Smith, Psychology and Communication
Darby L. Weyer, Speech and English
Sam Joseph Wright, Theatre


Aaron Wayne Bauck, Accounting
Jennifer Marie (Coppoc) Anshutz, Marketing
Stacy Kay Fehr, Music
Marci Robyn Felbush, Elementary Education
Kimberly M. Gibson, Business Administration
Min Jung Kim, Music
Jessica Lynne LaFollette, Earth Science and Foreign Languages
Jared Dean Larson, Foreign Languages and Social Sciences
Michelle Lucille Prebyl, Biology
Anecea Stambaugh-Tubbs, Rehabilitation Services Education
Jessica Marie (Stauffer) Derbyshire, Economics
Monica Marie Stuby, Accounting
Holly Marcinda Thissen, Foreign Languages and Psychology
Cassandra Lea Vandever, Biology
Crystal Ann Wood, Physics and Chemistry


Brian Martin Albright, Mathematics, Chemistry, and Physics
Lisa Marie Davis, Political Science
Jinny Lynn Green, Elementary Education
Muhammad Jawad Nashatizadeh, Biology
Corey Leeann Palmer, Psychology
David J. Peavler, Political Science
Justin Wayne Ramsey, Biology
Melissa (Suchy) Herrman, Biology
Amy Renee Van Sickle, Foreign Languages
Jessica Lea Burress, Psychology
Lani (Burress) Witters, Biology
Kristina Rae Magnusson, Elementary Education


Vikki L. Blakely, Psychology and Special Education
Martha Marie Bleeker, Psychology
Joseph Michael Cloutier, Computer Science and Mathematics
Joan Marie Covault, Psychology
Raymond Leonard Kallaher, Physics and Computer Science
Michael J. Koonce, English and Psychology
Jennifer Lynn Kunz, Psychology and Special Education
Michael Patrick McHugh, Marketing
John Henry Mellies, Dramatic Arts
Cynthia Dawn Price, English
Linda Sarah Rice, Biology and Foreign Language
Angela Dian Ricke, Accounting


Janet Kay Bailey, Biology
Anna Marie Bradley, English
Michelle Nicole Fisher, Foreign Language and Psychology
Erik C. Gratton, Dramatic Arts
Wendy Sue Helsel-Just, Biology
Jennifer A. Kronoshek, Dramatic Arts
Muhammad Mahdi Nashatizadeh, Biology
Ryan Neal Stucky, Accounting
Tamara Lynn (Signer) Niles, Biology
Rachel Marie Wathen, History


Sethabel L. Alvarado, Chemistry
Shane Allen Gagnebin, Psychology
Chrissa J. (Hess) Webster, English
Angela Marie (Murphy) Resch, Biology
Mackenzie Alynne Peterson, Biology
Joel T. Schaefer, Social Sciences
April Michelle Strong, Biology


Warren Bleeker, Political Science
Angela R. Cathcart, Mathematics
Bradley B. Garmon, Earth Science
Jamie M. (Jordan) Gabriel, Psychology
Amy (Lackey) Coles, Sociology
Michelle R. (Peter) Kipp, Psychology
Jennifer L. (Schon) Schwindt, Biology
Susan Renee (Ulses) Burns, Psychology and Music
Jennifer L. Weir, Chemistry
Angela M. Williams