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Student-Faculty Mentoring

The Honors College provides support for Student-Faculty Mentoring/collaboration on academic projects of shared interest.  Honors College students are able to select a faculty mentor/collaborator and together prepare and submit an application for support of their project.  This support provides Honors College students with the opportunity to form relationships with faculty mentors while completing high impact academic work.

Faculty Mentoring/Collaboration Program Guidelines


  1. Provide high impact learning experiences to Honors College students by connecting them with faculty or staff mentors with whom they collaborate on academic projects of shared interest.
  2. Allow students and mentors the flexibility to pursue collaborative work outside the restraints of the traditional classroom environment.
  3. Promote a culture of mentoring and collaboration whereby students and mentors form relationships and engage in activities that promote enhanced learning.


  1. Each student/mentor team will complete a Faculty-Student Mentor/Collaborative Project Application that is posted on the Honors College website. The Director of the Honors College will review and approve each application. These applications can be submitted throughout the semester/academic year. 
  2. The Honors College will provide stipends of $500.00 to faculty mentors and up to $500.00 for expenses to fund the project. Please note: because state general funds are involved, there are limitations on what the expense funds can be used for.
  3. The projects may involve the Honors College student receiving university credits through enrollment in an independent study or practicum but enrollment as such would not be a requirement.
  4. These projects would NOT involve work done for a specific class the faculty member teaches and in which the student is enrolled. The Honors Contract course option would be appropriate for those situations.
  5. These projects will occur during the regular academic year with some opportunity for summer work.
  6. At the completion of the project, the Honors College student and faculty mentor will be expected to submit a report detailing their accomplishments and listing all budget expenditures. Student and mentor will also be expected to complete assessment surveys.
  7. The Dean of the Honors College will approve applications and can make decisions on unique situations that may require flexibility.

updated 3/14/18