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Sarah Shaw Testimonial

Honors Curriculum

Traditional honors courses lay a foundation for the Honors College curriculum, while honors contract courses expand and enhance offerings, allowing students flexibility in their choices.  Through an agreement with the professor, students may take any class at an honors level.  Contact the Honors College office if you have questions about this option.  The combination of traditional and honors contract courses provides an enriching and broad educational experience.

Honors College students will have the opportunity to participate in civic leadership training through a collaboration with the Kansas Leadership Center in Wichita.  Students will also engage in a community setting to address adaptive issues and be directly involved in civic leadership and service learning.

Additional Course Information:

Application for Contracting an Honors Course
CW 510 Community Engagement Project Proposal
CW 510 Community Engagement Project Portfolio Guidelines
CW 499 Honors Thesis Guidelines

Enrollment for fall semester begins March 5, 2018

Fall 2018 Honors Course List

BU 293 AZ Ethics, Social Responsibility, and Sustainability-Honors, 3 cr hrs
CW 111 AZ Honors Seminar I, 3 cr hrs
CW 111 BZ Honors Seminar I, 3 cr hrs
CW 311 AZ Honors Seminar II, 1 cr hr
CW 311 BZ Honors Seminar II, 1 cr hr
CW 495 AZ Honors Capstone, 1 cr hr
CW 499 AZ Senior Honors Thesis, 3 cr hrs
CW 510 AZ Community Engagement Practicum-Honors, 1 cr hr
CW 510 BZ Community Engagement Practicum-Honors, 2 cr hrs
CW 510 CZ Community Engagement Practicum-Honors, 3 cr hrs
EC 102 AZ Honors Economics, 1 cr hr
EC 300 AZ Honors Pro-Seminar: Poverty, 3 cr hrs
EG 103 AZ Honors Composition I, 3 cr hrs
EG 103 BZ Honors Composition I, 3 cr hrs
EG 104 AZ Honors Composition II, 3 cr hrs
GB 170 AZ Honors Biology and Lab, 4 cr hrs
MA 162 DZ Calculus Honors, 1 cr hrs
MU 326 AZ Focus on 15 Classical Music Composers-Honors, 3 cr hrs
PO 330 AZ International Relations, 3 cr hrs
PY 503 AZ The Psychology of You-Honors, 3 cr hrs
SO 101 AZ Intro to Sociology-Honors, 3 cr hrs