Laurence C. Boylan Scholar Award

The Laurence C. Boylan Scholar Award was created by a special fund drive to honor Dr. Boylan, Dean of Graduate Studies from 1958-66. The Laurence C. Boylan Fund provides awards for distinguished scholarship in graduate study at ESU by honoring outstanding scholars. Degree-seeking graduate students must submit an application and demonstrate a financial need.

Harold Durst Graduate Research Award

The Harold Durst Graduate Research Award is presented annually to provide financial support for creative activities and research by a graduate student completing a thesis. Students are required to submit a proposal including introduction, background, significance of proposed research/creative activity, methodology, expected outcomes, literature cited, budget, and include a vita. Proposals are reviewed by a subcommittee of the Graduate Council.

Graduate Teaching Assistant University Award for Excellent Teaching

The Graduate Council established two awards to recognize excellence in teaching, defined as instruction in both traditional classroom and technology-assisted formats. Two awards of $250 each are awarded annually. Nominations must be submitted by faculty members, department chairs, or graduate teaching assistants. Nominations are reviewed by a sub-committee of the Graduate Council.

New Graduate Student Scholarships

These scholarships are awarded each semester to new first-time graduate students.  Each student selected receives a $500 scholarship for that semester.  Students are required to submit an application, letters of reference, and a statement of purpose.  Applicants are required to have an overall undergraduate gpa of 3.25.  Recipients are required to enroll in a minimum of 6 cr. hrs. during the semester they receive the award.

Robert J. Grover Scholarships

This scholarship was established by the Graduate Student Advisory Committee (GSAC) in 2005 and named after Robert J. Grover, Dean of Graduate Studies from 2003-2006.  Two scholarships are awarded annually to full-time, degree-seeking graduate students with a gpa of 3.75 or better.  Students are required to submit a statement of purpose and must have letters of support from three faculty members.  Nominations are reviewed by a sub-committee of the Graduate Council.