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Writing Competency for Admissions into Instructional Design and Technology

                                                                                           (Recommend Google Chrome to complete form)

A 250 to 300 word formal paper** describing your experiences and career goals involving instructional design and technology and your interest in completing an online degree.

The paper will be scored by two IDT faculty members based on the 6 Trait Analytical Assessment identified by the National Council of Teachers of English. Scores are: Superior, Proficient, Acceptable or Unacceptable. If both rate it acceptable, this requirement is met.  If a student receives one unacceptable score, the Department Chair will score the paper.  If the score is again rated "Unacceptable," OR if both IDT faculty members rated it "Unacceptable, " the student has two choices before re-submission:

1) Submit the paper to the ESU online writing laboratory for assistance and corrections, or 2) Complete a writing class and submit documentation.

The original paper is resubmitted with corrections. The student must then complete a second paper.

The second formal paper will be scored using the same standards. If the new paper is also rated "Unacceptable," the student will be denied admission into the Instructional Design and Technology program.  

*Specific requirements available at the department website: