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Departmental Essays

Curriculum and Instruction

Education Administration

Masters of Teaching Education

Please include your E-number in the header on each page of your essay.  Your essay should be completed as a Word document, double space type, 12-point, Times New Roman font, and APA or comparable grammar format.

The rubric used to score your essay can be viewed here: SLMSTE Essay Rubric


Please respond to each of the following questions:

1.     What has motivated you to return to a graduate program at this time, and why do you feel ESU is a good fit for you?  
        (1 page minimum, 2 page maximum)

2.     Describe at least one professional situation where you demonstrated leadership skills. (1 page minimum, 2 page maximum) 

3.     What are your career goals/plans (both short and long term)? (1 page minimum, 2 page maximum)

Attach your departmental essay below: