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School Leadership/Middle & Secondary Education ESU Phase I Evaluation

EHS & EMS Mentor Teachers:

Thank you for working with our Phase I students this semester.  It is clear that they have greatly benefited from the opportunities to participate in your classroom. The informal feedback they have received from your has been valuable in helping them improve their teaching practices.

Please provide formal feedback to the students and to ESU through the midterm evaluation. The midterm evaluation and the final evaluation that you will complete of your Phase I student are identical, with the exception that point value have been removed for midterm.  Please select the button that generally describes your ESU student's abilities.

Activities/Tasks in Which the Student Participated. Intern's Assignments. Please select the appropriate option for each item below.
Characteristics: Intern's Academics. Please select the appropriate option for each item below.
Intern's Dispositions: Evaluate how well the candidate demonstrates the following dispositions. Please select the appropriate option each item below.