Thank you for your interest in graduate education at ESU!  We are excited to share information with you and to assist you during your admissions process.  The Graduate School prides itself on providing outstanding customer service.  We want to make sure your experience at Emporia State University is successful and gratifying. 

For the quickest access to information about graduate admissions is to contact the Graduate School please contact Mary Sewell, Graduate Admissions Coordinator, at 620-341-5403/800-950-GRAD or by email at

For specific information regarding departmental requirements or additional graduate program information please email the departmental contact directly.  Departmental contact information is listed below for each department.

Accountancy - Ms. Alisha Lyon -

Biological Sciences - Dr. Eric Yang -

Business Education - Ms. Alisha Lyon -

Counselor Education- Ms. Carleen Dvorak -

Early Childhood - Dr. Carol Russell -

English - Dr. Mel Storm -

Health, Physical Education, and Recreation - Dr. Joella Mehrhof-

History -- Dr. Amanda Miracle -

Informatics - Ann Wooge -

Instructional Design and Technology - Ms. Janet Schneider - jschneid@emporia.ed

Instructional Specialist-Elementary Content - Dr. Matt Seimears -

Instructional Specialist-Reading Specialist PK-12 - Dr. Elizabeth Dobler -

Instructional Specialist-Elementary STEM - Dr. Matt Seimears -

Mathematics and Economics - Dr. Chad Wiley -

MBA Program - Ms. Alisha Lyon -

Music - Dr. Allan Comstock -

Physical Sciences - Ms. Ginger Tabares -

Psychology- Ms. Lory Cross -

School Leadership/Middle and Secondary Teacher Education - Ms. Megan O'Brien -

School of Library and Information Management -

Special Education-Adaptive - Dr. Jerald Liss -

Special Education-Gifted, Talented, and Creative - Dr. Connie Phelps -

TESOL -- Dr. Abdelilah Sehlaoui -