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Graduate Council

Graduate School Bylaws

The Graduate Council assists the Dean with review and coordination of all graduate programs, formulation of academic policies governing graduate programs, and with administration of the Graduate School. It meets monthly and is chaired by an elected chairperson. Membership in the Graduate Council consists of the chair of each department offering graduate coursework, or a full member of the graduate faculty designated by the chair, and two student representatives who are selected annually by the Dean of Graduate School and Distance Education. Members of the Graduate Council are listed below.

Butler -10001688

Dr. Mike Butler


Dr. Edward Church

Dr. Edward Church

School Leadership/MSTE

Wolf -10000086

Dr. Gaelynn Wolf Bordonaro

Counselor Education

Dr.William Woodworth

Dr. William Woodworth


Dr. Jerald Spotswood

Dr. Jerald Spotswood

Dean of Graduate School (Ex-Officio)

Kerri Jackson

Mrs. Kerri Jackson

Graduate Recruiting and Development Specialist


Koerner - 10000387

Dr. Brenda Koerner

Biological Sciences

Jerry Liss

Dr. Jerry Liss

Elementary Education/Early Childhood/Special Education

Dr. Manjula Shinge

Dr. Manjula Shinge


Trump 10000151

Dr. Eric Trump

Physical Sciences

         Dr. Maire Johnson

         Social Sciences

Mel Storm

Dr. Mel Storm

English, Modern Languages, and Journalism

Shawn Keough

Dr. Shawn Keough

School of Business

 Brian Schrader

Dr. Brian Schrader


Jinxuan Ma

Dr. Jinxuan Ma


James Williams

Dr. James Williams

Vice President for Student Affairs (Ex-Officio)

Chad Wiley

Dr. Chad Wiley

Mathematics and Economics

Henry Merth

Robert (Henry) Merth

Graduate Student

Sydney Main

Sydney Main

Graduate Student