Graduate School Contacts

We would be more than happy to answer any questions you have about Graduate School.  If you are a new student, we can help you with application and admission questions.  If you are a current student, we can help you with graduate holds, degree analysis, degree completion and graduate assistantships.

Brandi Beckmann 

Brandi Turner                           Admissions                                             620-341-5513 

Drew Dennison-Garza


Yesenia Vazquez 


Brandi, Drew and Yesenia are the contacts for admissions/application, transcripts, eligibility, graduate holds, and prospective student inquiries. 

 Jan Gerstner

Jan Gerstner
Assistant to the Dean

Jan is the contact for graduate assistants, orientation, graduate faculty, and all awards and scholarships.


Mary Sewell                         Graduate Coordinator

Mary is the contact for degree confirmation, degree audits, diplomas, thesis/dissertations, and commencement.

Pam Fillmore

Pam Fillmore            Research Analyst                          620-341-5351

Pam is the contact for research and grants.

Ashley Brandt

Ashley Brandt                         Research Administrative  Assistant  

Ashley assists Pam Fillmore in the Research and Grants Office.

 Kathy Ermler

Kathy Ermler                          Dean                                      620-341-5508

Dean Ermler has an open-door policy and is available to all graduate students with concerns/problems/suggestions.

 Kerri Jackson

Kerri Jackson
Recruitment & Development Specialist

Kerri does the recruiting for Graduate School and Distance Education


Janette Tulachka
Graduate Assistant



Vanessa Hajek
Graduate Assistant




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