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Is punctual and regularly attends classes; Maintains positive attitudes during and outside of class; Is honest and trustworthy in communications and interactions with others; Demonstrates ethical behavior; Is open and receptive to change; Is willing to go beyond required assignments
Is accepting of constructive feedback from others; Is curious and willing to experiment with new ideas and techniques; Conducts self-assessment through reflection; Recognizes personal limitations and seeks to compensate for/overcome them
Demonstrates a willingness to read and/or conduct research on his/her own; Seeks opportunities for professional development; Takes responsibility for personal learning; Understands the role as an educator; Maintains membership in professional organizations
Demonstrates belief that all students can learn at their potential; Makes a positive contribution to the learning of others (students and peers); Understands the role of standards and outcomes
Is tolerant of, and responsive to ideas and views of others; Is respectful of and responsive to individual differences; Provides equitable learning opportunities for all; Considers backgrounds, interests, and attitudes of all students when planning
Is sensitive to students, peers and families of different cultures and with special needs; Encourages interactions in a mutually respectful and friendly manner
Relates well to peers, faculty, staff, and other professionals; Is willing to share information and ideas with others; Works well with others to develop opportunities for peer and student learning; Acts as a consultant with other individuals/systems related to students/clients