Following are links to internet sites that would be useful for anyone having an interest in gifted education.






William Allen White Children’s Books Awards   

Books honored as a result of voting by Kansas children.

Torrance Legacy Creativity Contests and Awards

Information of Torrance creativity contests and awards.


Young adult books reviewed by young adult readers 

Resources for Teaching Gifted and Talented   Students

Lesson Plans for teachers of high-ability children K-8

A Different Place

Differentiated activities for all content areas

Gifted Children Monthly

“For the parents of children with great promise”; articles concerning identification, encouragement and development

National Association for Gifted Children

Advocacy group supporting the needs of high potential learners

American Association for Gifted Children

Duke University-based advocacy organization  for gifted children

SENG: Supporting the Emotional Needs of the Gifted

Organization to “empower families and communities  to guide gifted and talented individuals to reach their goals”

Hoagies Gifted Education Page

The “all things gifted” page for teachers, parents, and kids                          

The Gifted Child Society

Website of non-profit organization established “to further the cause of gifted children”


Prufrock Press, Inc.

“The Resource for Gifted Children, Advanced Learning, and Special Needs Learners”


Uniquely Gifted

Resources for Gifted Children with Special Needs


Kansas Gifted, Talented and Creative

Non-profit organization to support, promote, and improve services for gifted children in Kansas


Davidson Institute for   Talent Development

Services and programs for profoundly gifted children

Mensa for Kids


This site offers articles, games and activities for bright children.  It also posts helpful resources for parents and teachers.


Genius Denied

This site contains an array of gifted and talented resources,  including articles and a state policy database of information regarding gifted and talented education policies across the U.S.


Talent Development

This site explores talent development, especially over a lifetime. Very useful concerning adult gifted and talented, as well.

 NAGC Curriculum Studies

This site showcases award winning units on ELA/literacy, math, science, and social studies and offers instructions on how to write a winning unit. 

Evaluation of Potential Creativity (EPoC)

The EPoC allows creative giftedness to be measured. 


A brief history and an instruction of Samurai Helmet, a Japanese Origami model.


A short history of origami crane.

The Japanese Shop

Japanese symbolic animals and their meanings.