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UAC Team

How Does It Work?

Union Activities Council offers a number of membership benefits each of which take place through membership in our six committees or council. From professional development such as time management and skills to be successful on a team to creating a network and building lifelong friendships, we have a number of benefits to offer students! Union Activities Council aims at providing a beneficial, but exhilirating experience for all of its members. Planning events from the ground up, hosting talent from throughout the nation, and having a blast is the name of the game for members on Union Activities Council, so why not consider joining? It will be fun!

Each Committee consists of a Chair and Vice Chair position who are the line of communication between the Executive Board and the Committees.  

Office hours for each are as follows: Chairs spend 5-7 hours a week and Vice Chairs spend 3-5 hours, both of which are to be completed in the Center for Student Involvement. These hours can include the two meetings required of the Executive Council: a weekly Committee Meeting and Council Meeting.

If you are interested in being a committee member, you will assist in brainstorming, putting promotion together, setting up and attending events, and encouraging others to join. This takes you no more than 1 hour a week, unless of course, you want to spend more time with us!

For more information regarding joining, email us at or

If Chair or Vice Chair Positions are open, they will be posted on Hornet Announcements.