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UAC Team

Our Mission

Union Activities Council is a Recognized Student Organization designed to serve as the premiere programming board at Emporia State University. Our purpose is to provide well-rounded programs of social, educational, cultural, and physical significance for all students, faculty, administration, and alumni of Emporia State University as well as the Emporia and surrounding communities.  Through encouraging student-directed activity, individual social competency and group effectiveness, Union Activities Council plays a vital role in the development of persons while serving to accent the educational programs the University has to offer.

Union Activities Council creates, organizes, and presents many of the activities that bring excitement and life to the Emporia State University campus and Emporia community.  Union Activities Council does not endorse the content of any such presentations but provides such programs to introduce various viewpoints, stimulate discussion, and encourage interaction among students.  All of this is made possible because of funding provided directly through the fees assessed to our students.

Our organization offers more than new viewpoints and up-and-coming talent! Being a part of Union Activities Council is a great way to meet other students, get involved with Emporia State University, and have a lot of fun!  The skills and leadership abilities that you can develop in Union Activities Council will help you at Emporia State University and beyond.  Members learn time management, how to plan and implement a project, how to handle budgets, negotiate, and how to work with a team to address challenges and achieve goals.  These are skills employers look for when you begin your career.

There's always room for new members!  It’s your ideas and your involvement that will make your experience at Emporia State University all that it can be.  So become a member by volunteering as part of a Union Activities Council committee for as little as one hour a week.  Our six committees—Featured Events, Live Music, Public Relations, Talks and Topics, Variety Entertainment, and Visual Arts—provide a variety of areas to choose from.  So join the fun...and bring a friend!