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We are excited that you are interested in starting a new Recognized Student Organization! To start a new organization on campus, follow the process outlined below. 

Identify an organization President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Advisor

These are the three officer and one advisor positions required to start an organization. The President, Vice President, and Treasurer must be currently enrolled Emporia State students. The Advisor must be an Emporia State faculty or staff member. You will need the names and Emporia State email addresses for each of these individuals (the address for officers and the address for the Advisor).

Write an organization constitution

You can download a sample constitution here. Using this sample as a structure, edit the sections to meet the organizational and operational needs of your group. You must keep the membership section (Article I, Section 3.) in your constitution exactly as written in the sample. This section cannot be edited or modified.

Complete a Petition for Recognition

You can download the petition here. You must have the petition signed by 21 current Emporia State students and your faculty/staff Advisor. The students who sign the petition do not have to join the organization; they must simply support the formation of the organization.

Submit your completed Petition for Recognition to Anna Dragoo in the Center for Student Involvement.

Meet with the ASG Senate Operations Committee

Once your registration form, constitution and petition has been turned in the Center for Student Involvement, your materials will be submitted to ASG. The ASG Senate Operations Committee Chair will contact you to schedule a meeting with the Senate Operations Committee. After you meet with the committee, they will submit a bill to the ASG Senate to recognize your organization. The bill will be presented at the next available Senate meeting for what is called the first reading.

Attend the ASG Senate Meeting

At the next senate meeting two weeks following the first reading of your recognition bill, you or a representative from your organization must attend the meeting for the second reading. At this meeting, you will have the opportunity to address the Senate to share your purpose for creating the desired student organization and to answer any questions posed by Senate members. A vote to recognize your organization will take place during this meeting. An ASG representative will contact you ahead of time regarding the date and time of the Senate meeting you will need to attend.

Meet with an Involvement Consultant

If your organized is granted recognition, you will then need to meet with an Involvement Consultant at the Center for Student Involvement to get your Hornet Life page set up.  The Involvement Consultant will help you set up your Hornet Life page and show you how to use important features of the site including how to post events to the campus events calendar, and how add members and manage your membership roster. Be sure to have your membership roster and a digital version of your constitution for this meeting. Once you have a page created inHornet Life you will immediately be afforded all of the rights and responsibilities of a Recognized Student Organization. 

Hornet Life will send your officers and advisor an email invitation to accept membership to your organization's Hornet Life page. Your officers and advisor must follow the link in the email, log in to Hornet Life, and accept the membership request that will pop up on their screens after logging in. Until they do this, they will not actually be members of your organization's Hornet Life page and will not be able to receive important information from the Center for Student Involvement or ASG. Be sure to tell your officers and advisor to watch for the email from Hornet Life and to follow the instructions included in the email.