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We are excited that you are interested in joining a Recognized Student Organization (RSO)! Below are some tips and advice for getting involved in student organizations. If you would like assistance with joining an organization, meet with an Involvement Consultant.

Think about your involvement goals

What are your goals for your college experience? What do you hope to get out of your time at Emporia State? These are great questions to think about as you seek involvement opportunities! Also, think about what you hope to gain from being involved. Are you hoping to make friends? Get involved with your major or academic program? Develop leadership skills? Answering these questions for yourself will help you think about what opportunities you want to pursue.

See what organizations we have to offer

Hornet Life is our online portal for student involvement. Spend some time searching through the Hornet Life organization directory. All RSOs have a page on this site. You can learn more about the organization, view a membership roster, find links to the organizations' Twitter and Facebook pages, and more.

Log in to Hornet Life using your Buzz In username and password to get the best experience using the site. Once you are logged in to Hornet Life, you can send messages directly to the leaders of organizations you are interested in.

Contact organizations you are interested in learning more about

Once you have identified an RSO you might be interested in, contact a member of the organization to learn more. On the home page of the RSO's Hornet Life page a Primary Contact is listed. Click on the envelope button next to the primary contact's name to send a message to this person. You can also click on the Roster link to view a listing of organization members. Click on the name of any student listed to access the student's email address.

In your message, introduce yourself and share that you are interested in learning more about the organization. Ask if there are any upcoming meetings or events you might be able to attend to meet the members and learn about the organization. Most organizations are always looking for new members, so they will be excited that you are interested in their club!

Attend an organization meeting or event

The best way to find out if an RSO is a good fit for you is to spend time interacting with and getting to know the members. Most organizations have open meetings, so prospective members like you are welcome to attend a meeting without the obligation of joining. Ask the organization about attending a meeting just to check it out! Attending an event sponsored by the organization is another great way to interact with members and determine if the organization is a good fit. You can find out about the organization's events by sending a message to a member or by clicking on the Events link on the RSO's Hornet Life page to view any upcoming events the RSO may be sponsoring. If you don't feel comfortable attending an event or meeting by yourself, take a friend or floormate with you.

Discuss membership opportunities and expectations

Once you have interacted with some organizations and have identified an RSO you are interested in joining, talk with the organization's leaders about membership requirements and expectations. What meetings are members expected to attend? Are there any membership fees? What is the time commitment to be involved in the organization? Make sure you understand what would be expected of you before joining the organization. If the organization feels like a good fit and will help you achieve your involvement goals, and if the organization is ready to accept new members, you can discuss officially joining the organization!