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Fraternity & Sorority Life Core Values


Leadership is a key to success in life. The qualities of leadership transcend any organization or social institution, and are indeed the common thread of success in all facets of life, from the top of an organization to the bottom, from your professional life to your personal life, in friendship and in marriage, in parenthood and in the community. Fraternity & Sorority Life offers unmatched opportunities to develop the leadership skills necessary to be successful in college and in life beyond graduation. Students learn the principles and skills of quality leadership through a variety of leadership positions in their chapter and in the fraternity and sorority life community.


Scholarship is a commitment to intellectual growth and development. Our fraternity men and sorority women value scholastic achievement and are committed to academic excellence. Many students worry that their grades will suffer when they join a Greek organization, but they soon find that just the opposite is true. Chapters have scholarship programs to help members succeed academically; typical programs include things like study hours, scholarship recognition programs, and minimum GPA requirements for membership. Fraternity and sorority members generally out-perform their non-Greek peers in the classroom, and tend to have a higher graduation rate.

Undergrad Female All Sorority Undergrad Male All Fraternity ESU Undergrad All FSL
  Fall 2016 3.16 3.20 2.80 2.86 3.03 3.09
  Spring 2017 3.16 3.23 2.83 3.04 3.03 3.14
  Fall 2017 3.23 3.27 2.81 2.86 3.07 3.11
  Spring 2018 3.25 3.34 2.87 2.95 3.10 3.15
  Fall 2018


Citizenship is a commitment to being an active and engaged member of the community. Quality citizenship involves participating in social, environmental, political, service, and philanthropic activities for the betterment of the community. Giving back to the community is extremely important to our fraternity and sorority members. Every year, fraternity/sorority members perform over 1300 of hours of community service and donate over $4000 to local and national charities. ESU fraternities and sororities serve over 170 different non-profit organizations every year. Their commitment to the campus community and the Emporia community is an inspiration to many, and the chapters have garnered much well-earned respect for their service and philanthropic efforts over the years.


Stewardship is a commitment to taking care of yourself and each other.  Quality stewardship involves looking out for the welfare of others and creating safe environments conducive to learning, creativity, and personal growth and development. College is a lot of fun, but can be very stressful at times. Having brothers or sisters that you can turn to in times of need is invaluable. Chapters also provide programs on topics such as time management, stress management, and health/wellness to help members lead healthy, balanced lives. As a freshman, having the support network that a fraternity or sorority provides can help you make a successful transition to college life, and help you have a positive overall college experience.


Most students join a fraternity/sorority organization because they feel a strong sense of belonging. At its core, a fraternity or sorority is just a group of friends who share common values and ideals. For many, the chapter is a home away from home, and the friendships fostered in a fraternity or sorority last a lifetime. These bonds, often referred to as brotherhood or sisterhood, are hard to find in any other organization. At Emporia State University, our members are more than just friends; they are a community and a family.