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Emporia Area Service Organization Partners

Community Hornets is proud to provide ESU students, faculty/staff, Recognized Student Organizations, and other interested volunteers a detailed directory of service involvement opportunities in the Emporia area.  This agency directory includes the name of each organization, the organization's issue areas, what type of service they provide, activities/events to get involved with, and what the process is like for students to get involved with that organization.

Check out the many opportunities to make connections and give back to the community together!





ALS Association

Issue Areas: Fundraising/Awareness

Description: The ALS Association’s sole purpose is to provide care and support to the individuals and families who are affected by ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis), which is a neurodegenerative disease that usually attacks both upper and lower motor neurons and causes degeneration throughout the brain and spinal cord. They focus on fundraising and increasing awareness of ALS.

Volunteer Activities/Events:  Participating in or helping run the Walk to Defeat ALS and planning other fundraising activities/events. 

Contact Information: Lauren Walsh (Walk Coordinator)


Phone: 316-612-0188



Issue Areas: Community Service/Civic Organizations

Description: An international service club that focuses primarily on literacy and AIDS. We make our communities better through leadership, partnership and service. Altrusa International Inc. is an association whose purpose is to promote better communities through service by an international network of people with diverse backgrounds and experiences.

Altrusa can offer you the opportunity to:

  • Make a difference in your community
  • Broaden your knowledge through speakers, workshops and conferences
  • Develop leadership skills in a supportive environment
  • Develop business and personal networks and
  • Have fun!

Volunteer Activities/Events: Contact representative for the latest information on upcoming opportunities and events.

Contact Information:   Winnie Endly (Club Presisdent)


Phone: 620-343-8689 or 620-366-1115


Alzheimer’s Association

Issue Areas: Fundraising/Awareness

Description: Alzheimer’s Association provides information, education, and support to those with Alzheimer’s, family members, and care providers. Their mission is to eliminate Alzheimer's disease through the advancement of research; to provide and enhance care and support for all affected; and to reduce the risk of dementia through the promotion of brain health.

Volunteer Activities/Events:  Participating in or helping run the Memory Walk (October), or organizing and helping run other fundraising and awareness events.

Contact Information: Judy Schroeder (Walk Coordinator)


Phone: 620-342-4817


American Red Cross

Issue Areas: Disaster/Emergency Prevention and Mitigation, Disaster/Emergency Response and Recovery, Health/Nutrition

Description: American Red Cross provides disaster prevention and relief services, health and safety services, education, transportation, and armed forces emergency services. For disaster prevention and relief, they provide shelter, food, emotional support and other emergency assistance after a disaster strikes to help families recover and rebuild their lives. For health and safety, they teach residents to save lives with CPR, First Aid, defibrillator usage, lifeguard training, swimming, babysitting, and other courses.

Volunteer Activities/Events:  Various activities/events and fundraising throughout the year, according to the need in the community. Additionally, there is opportunity to be a CPR/First Aid instructor, disaster service volunteer (providing emergency assistance), and community outreach (providing information at health fairs or information booths).

Involvement Process: The process of become a long-term volunteer includes the completion of an application, background check (free to volunteer), CPR, AED, First Aid and possibly DAT (disaster training). To volunteer for fundraising or other short-term activities/events, this process is not necessary.

Contact Information:  Dwight Moore, Debra Tucker (volunteer coordinator)



Phone: 620-342-4211

Phone: Debra 785-354-9233

Address: 904 E 6th Ave, Emporia


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Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Flint Hills

Issue Areas:  Mentoring, Youth Development

Description:  Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Flint Hills, Inc. (BBBSFH) serves children between the ages of 5 and 17 years old, in Case, Coffey, Lyon and Morris Counties. The BBBSFH program matches volunteers with children who want or need a mentor. The BBBSFH mission is to help children reach their fullest potential through professionally supported, one-to-one relationships. 

Volunteer Activities/Events:  Being a one-to-one mentor by providing a positive role model who offers support, friendship and guidance to children who come from all social, financial and ethnic backgrounds. One-to-one mentoring is a minimally 6 month commitment, where Bigs are encouraged to get together with their Littles for a minimum of 4 hours a month. Another opportunity to volunteer is for site-based programs, such as “Buzz Club and Hornet Queens”, which typically begin in the fall and end in the spring. These programs provide mentoring experience within a group setting.

Involvement Process:  Volunteers are required to go through an intake/enrollment process to determine if they are eligible to serve as a mentor. The process consists of a volunteer application, in-person interview, background checks, reference requests, and volunteer eligibility and assessment. Depending on availability, the process can take two-four weeks.

Contact Information: Stephanie Anderson (Executive Director)


Phone: 620-342-5645

Address: 609 Merchant Street, Emporia



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Camp Alexander

Issue Areas: Mentoring, Youth Development

Description: Camp Alexander is a non-profit corporation which is funded by the United Way and private donations. The purpose of the corporation is to maintain this wonderful facility for outdoor environmental education and family activities. Their mission is to empower children with wisdom, life skills, positive character traits, self confidence and provide a safe place for growth and enrichment in the great outdoors. Camp Alexander has recreation, crafts, and education facilities, as well as a mountain bike course, 2 lakes, and a ropes course.

Volunteer Activities/Events:  Assisting with camps and field days for schools, including help running team building games/activities. Also, maintenance of the camp is something they always need help with.

Involvement Process: To work with the kids, volunteers are required to fill out an application and have a background check (for the safety of the kids). Having CPR and First Aid training is also helpful, but not required. To help with maintenance or small projects, this process may not be necessary.

Contact Information:  


Phone: 620-342-1386

Address: 1783 Rd. P5, Emporia



City of Emporia Animal Shelter

Issue Areas: Animal Welfare, Fundraising/Awareness

Description: The Animal Shelter provides care and shelter for stray cats and dogs. They are dedicated to finding good homes for the animals that they provide temporary shelter for. They accept donations of pet care supplies, towels, blankets, cat litter, treats, toys, and chews, as well as are always looking for volunteers to give extra love and attention to the animals in the shelter.

Volunteer Activities/Events:  Assistance with cleaning, walking dogs, and petting/playing with the animals.

Involvement Process: Interested volunteers must fill out an information form, sign a waiver, and go through training covering safe handling of animals.

Contact Information:  


Phone: 620-340-6345

Address: 1216 Hatcher, Emporia



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David Traylor Zoo of Emporia

Issue Areas: Animal Welfare

Description: The purpose of the David Traylor Zoo is the creation of an environment which provides an opportunity of cultural enrichment for the community and surrounding area while fulfilling the Zoo’s obligations to conservation, education, and recreation.

Volunteer Activities/Events:  Helping facilitate various events throughout the year, which include Spring Forward for Amphibians (February), Earth Day (April), Open House (June), Zoo Camp (July), Safari Edventure Day and Boo in the Zoo(October), and Happy Holidaze (November). Another volunteer opportunity is to become a Docent, which is a volunteer teacher who is trained to handle the animals and is dedicated to teaching about animals, promoting ecological awareness, and supporting the David Traylor Zoo of Emporia.

Involvement Process: For the special events or short-term volunteering, make contact for available opportunities. To become a Docent, there are eight training sessions, 2 hours each, to learn how to safely work with animals. Docents are required to join “Emporia Friends of the Zoo." Membership levels include individual ($20), family ($30), and various other levels for those wanting to donate to EFOZ. Those interested in being a Docent should be comfortable speaking in front of small groups.

Contact Information:  Colleen Mitchell (Education Coordinator)


Phone: 620-341-4365

Address: 75 Soden Road, Emporia  



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East Central Kansas Economic Opportunity Corporation (ECKAN)

Issue Areas (ECKAN): Housing, Hunger, Youth Development

Description: ECKAN serves low-income persons in Anderson, Coffey, Douglas, Franklin, Johnson, Lyon, Miami, Morris and Osage Counties. Their mission is to identify and focus available resources that enable eligible families and individuals to attain critical skills, knowledge and attitudes necessary to achieve self-sufficiency. They provide a number of services including Community Food and Nutrition, FEMA, Head Start Program, Housing Choice Voucher Program, Housing Counseling and Rentals, Outreach and Referral, Volunteer Youth, Weatherization Program and Youth Services.

Volunteer Activities/Events:  Weatherizing housing to save energy, which involves sealing leaks, repairing broken windows, sealing holes, and insulation. There are also volunteer opportunities of food distribution and creating educational games/activities. The Head Start program offers low-income children and families comprehensive and intentional support, designed to promote self-sufficiency, healthy growth and development, and success for future experiences.  Services are offered through preschool, child care and/or home visitation.  Training areas include health, dental, parent education/involvement, nutrition, Social Services support, disability support, transitions, and education.

Involvement Process: Volunteers are required to have a background check and sign a confidentiality agreement. If interested in volunteering for the Head Start program, which is a 3 month commitment, a background check, training on medical emergency preparedness, a TB test, signing a confidentiality waiver, and 3 hour training are required.

Contact Information (ECKAN):  Angela Rangel (Human Services Coordinator)


Phone: 620-342-4607 (Call on Monday)

Address:  616 Merchant, Emporia


Emporia Recreation Commission

Issue Areas: Not categorized.

Description: Emporia's public recreation center, providing community and youth services and sporting opportunities.

Volunteer Activities/Events: Coaching/Assistants for various sports programs.

Involvement Process:  Please complete a Volunteer Application Form or the Coach Information Form if you are interested in coaching for one of the many sports programs.

Contact Information: Rick Cunningham (Coaching/Assistant Opportunities)

 or    Amanda Gutierrez (Rec Extra After School Program)

        Phone: 620-340-6300

        Address: 313 W. 4th Avenue


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Friendship Meals

Issue Areas: Senior Citizen Services

Description: Friendship Meals is our "Meals on Wheels" program here in Emporia. We deliver meals to the elderly and home bound in our community Monday through Friday. We deliver up to 170 meals a day. We are always looking for more volunteers to deliver meals! The meal program is very important to our seniors. For some it may be the only hot meal they have for the day. Our volunteers are also sometimes the only contact our seniors may receive in a day. If one of our seniors does not answer their door or phone we will contact the police to do a wellness check to ensure that the senior is safe and has not for example fallen and is unable to call for help.

Volunteer Activities/Events: Drivers pick up meals at the Friendship Center and start delivering by 11am. I recommend that new drivers show up about 10:45am to review the route and map to ensure they will have a good idea of where they will need to go. 

Involvement Process: Depending on the meals on wheels route it can take up to an hour to complete. We are very flexible when it comes to volunteering. We can set you up to drive once a week, twice a month or whatever your schedule will allow. Or you can be added to our list to be a backup driver when we cannot find someone to fill a route.

Contact Information: Ariel Treece


Phone: 620-340-8001

Address: 221 W Logan Ave., Emporia



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Girl Scouts of Kansas Heartland

Issue Areas: Mentoring, Youth Development

Description: Girl Scouting offers programs designed to both reflect today's issues and help girls prepare for tomorrow. Girls have fun, develop skills, make new friends and learn through community service to take responsibility for their role in the community. The Girl Scouts offer programs designed to reflect today’s issues and help girls build courage, confidence and character.

Volunteer Activities/Events:  Helping with various events throughout the year and/or become a leader or assistant leader of a troop, or group of girls. Special events include selling and sorting cookies (January), Mall Madness (March/April), and Riverside outreach (every Wednesday, 2:15-5pm).

Involvement Process: For regular basis volunteers or long-term, registering as a Girl Scout, which would include a background check and a $12 fee, is required. For short-term or one-time volunteering this would not be necessary; just make contact to find out about upcoming activities/events to help with.

Contact Information:  Lynn Cummingham


Phone: 620-342-4532

Address: 1200 Burlingame Road, Emporia



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Hetlinger Developmental Services

Issue Area: Special Needs Support for the Disabled

Description: Hetlinger Developmental Services, Inc. provides day services to adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  It was formed in 1961 by a group of concerned parents and volunteers and has grown both in the number of persons served and types of services offered.  Hetlinger’s mission is to assist people with developmental disabilities to have services and supports which allow them opportunities of choice to increase their independence, productivity, integration, and inclusion into their communities.

Volunteer Activities:  The organization welcomes volunteer musical or educational presentations of interest to the clients between the hours of 9:00 a.m. a

nd 3:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.

Involvement Process:  Volunteers should contact the organization to schedule their presentation.

Contact Information:  Tammy Maley


Phone: 620-342-1087

Address:   707 s. Commercial, Emporia



Holiday Resort

Issue Area: Senior Citizen Services

Description: Holiday Resort is an adult care and rehabilitation center that provides programs designed to stimulate physical and mental abilities, and to encourage and develop a sense of usefulness and self-respect for the residents.

Volunteer Activities/Events: Any type of entertaining or educational activity with the residents, such as playing games, art activities, gardening, pen pal program, holiday activities, etc.

Involvement Process: Volunteers are required to fill out a Volunteer Personal Emergency Information form, sign a Volunteer Confidentiality Statement (HIPAA), review the Holiday Resort Volunteer Manual, and take a Holiday Resort HIPAA Quiz.

Contact Information:  Cindy Weltha


Phone: 620-343-9285 ext. 1729

Address: 2726 w 30th Ave, Emporia



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Lyon County History Center

Issue Areas: Culture/Arts/Performance

Description: At the Lyon County History Center we strive to be a place of belonging for all who make Lyon County their home. We also serve as a platform for community and cultural connections. At the core of our existence is the gathering and sharing of stories to celebrate the heritage, diversity and culture of Lyon County‚Äôs history in order to help create a better future.

Volunteer activities/events:  LCHC welcomes volunteers in several support areas including: general office, docent/tours, special events, education, maintenance, collections, exhibits, and research.

Involvement Process: Contact representative for the latest information on upcoming opportunities, events and specific volunteer opportunities. There may be a training process depending on the project.

Contact Information: Greg Jordan (Executive Director) or Lisa Soller (Deputy Director)

Email: (Greg Jordan)

Email: (Lisa Soller)

Phone: 620-340-6310

Address: 117 Commercial Street, Emporia


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Plumb Place

Issue Areas: Education/Dropout Prevention, Homelessness, Mentoring, Tutoring

Description: Plumb Place assists women in need by providing safe, affordable housing and opportunities for individual success. They offer an emergency shelter, transitional housing, limited long term housing programs, and provide personalized care management including personal finance and independent living classes. They hope to be able to offer basic computer training, have an on-site resource library complete with internet access, and job search assistance in the near future.

Volunteer Activities/Events:  Social work, psychological work, maintenance, office work, and internships

Contact Information:  Clair Corn

Email: or 

Phone: 620-342-1613

Address: 224 East 6th Ave., Emporia


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Salvation Army

Issue Areas (Facility): Education/Dropout Prevention, Hunger, Mentoring, Youth Development

Issue Areas (Thrift Store): Other (Clothing)

Description: The Salvation Army is dedicated to meeting basic human needs, utilizing a food pantry and a thrift store/inexpensive clothing. Besides physical aid, they offer special assistance including help in facing personal problems, improving family relationships, deal with problems of single parents, alcoholics, drug abusers, ex-prisoners, etc. They also offer rehabilitation centers such as in-residence programs that provide work therapy, counseling, and drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs. Programs offered by the Salvation Army include shelters, hospitals and clinics, services to people with HIV and AIDS-related illnesses, counseling, employment services, missing persons bureaus, service to the armed forces, correctional services, rehabilitation centers, social service centers, Christmas appeals, and disaster relief.

Volunteer Activities/Events: Sorting and organizing at the thrift store, organizing and stocking the food pantry, and other various events throughout the year. Special events include assembling Christmas gift and food baskets (December) and Character Building Workshops for kids (weekly).

Involvement Process: For those interested in more than 8 hours of volunteering, a background check is mandatory. However, the Salvation Army will cover the fee for that. If less than 8 hours, no background check is necessary.

Contact Information:  Suzanne Worthen-Miller (Volunteer Coordinator), Lt. Lynn S. Lopez (Corps Officer)


Phone: (620) 342-3093

Address: 327 Constitution Emporia      


Services Offering Safety (S.O.S.)

Issue areas (CASA): At-Risk Youth, Mentoring, Youth Development

Issue areas (SOS): Fundraising/Awareness

Description: S.O.S. provides services to children and adult victims of violence, abuse and neglect. The mission of S.O.S. is to end sexual and domestic violence, abuse and neglect through service education and advocacy.

Volunteer Activities/Events:  Event based, contact S.O.S. for work to do

Involvement Process: Long-term volunteers are required to meet with the Volunteer Coordinator, participate in training, fill out an application, have a background check, and sign a confidentiality statement. Time commitments vary. Or make contact to find out about current needs or upcoming activities/events.

Contact Information:  Lydia Cope


Phone: 620-343-8799 or Fax: 620-343-9460


Address: 25 W 5th Ave., Emporia


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