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Educational Opportunity Fund

The Educational Opportunity Fund (EOF) was created by the Board of Regents in 1989 to provide funding for student financial aid and community/campus service programs during each academic year, from August through May.  The EOF committee receives proposals, conducts hearings, and prepares a budget for expenditures from the fund.

Use of EOF monies is limited to the following purposes:

a.)  Academic scholarships and fellowships for both graduate and undergraduate students.

b.)   Need-based grants, including awards to students with special expenses such as child care, or groups of students historically under-represented in higher education.

c.)  Salaries or grants for students participating in public and community service programs.

d.)  Monies to provide salaries for students employed in service programs such as tutoring, day care, and peer counseling and to provide services to students.

University departments are encouraged to apply for EOF monies under sections C and D as explained above.

Any students who might be interested in applying for EOF monies under sections A and B above should be directed to the Office of Student Financial Aid to apply.  Students selected to receive an award may be granted the full amount for the academic year during their semesters of full-time enrollment (i.e., undergraduate = 12+ credit hours, graduate = 7+ credit hours).  Partial awards may be given to students with part-time enrollment and can receive one-fourth of a full award during the semester of their part-time enrollment (i.e., undergraduate = 6-11 credit hours, graduate = 4-6 credit hours).

If you have questions regarding the Educational Opportunity Fund, please contact Michael Webb, Associated Student Government President, by e-mail at, by phone at (620)-341-5494, or stop by the Center for Student Involvement on Memorial Union’s Mainstreet.