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Associated Student Government

Emporia State University

Higher Education Day 2018 Newsletter

Higher Education Day Recap (3)


The purpose of Emporia State University's Associated Student Government is to provide the means whereby the member of the student body may express themselves effectively through programs in areas which directly affect the general welfare of the student body in any aspect of the university experience in which they choose to participate. ASG establishes equitable representation and participation for the students in the governance of the university community and promotes mutually beneficial cooperation among students, faculty, staff, and administration in furthering the purposes for which the university was founded. 

The Executive Branch

The Executive Branch is made up of the Student Body President and Student Body Vice President who are elected each spring. Megan McReynolds and Jacob Miller are the 2017-2018 ASG President and Vice President. 

The Legislative Branch

The Legislative Branch is comprised of 23 senators who each serve a one-year term. All seats are elected in ESU's general elections each spring, with any remaining seats chosen through an appointment process. For more information, email Megan McReynolds at


Upcoming Events

Fall 2017



Feb. 14th
Allocation Forms are Due
Feb. 21st
What Do You Want Wednesday
Feb. 20th - 22nd
Allocation Hearings
Feb. 22nd
Open Senate Meeting
Feb. 23rd
Petitions are Due
Mar. 1st
Election Debate
Mar. 5th
Candidate Meet & Greet
Mar. 6th - 8th
Mar. 7th
What Do You Want Wednesday

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