School of Business

10904685Carol Lucy (Dean's appointed)

10889465Chris Stone

10874435Steve Lovett

Teacher's College

10001010Joan Brewer (Dean's appointed)

10704273Damara Paris

10001232Shawna Shane

College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

10000275Andy Houchins   (Dean's appointed)   

Qiang ShiQiang Shi

10891573David McKenzie

Associated Student Goverment Representatives

Maddison Thompson  (School of Business)

Amy Oelschlarger  (Teacher's College)

Klasee Crawford  (Liberal Arts & Sciences)

Ex-Officio Members

10000845Rich Sleezer- Director of General Education

10001737Jo Kord-Assist- Provost-Institutional Effectiveness

10163146Kim Massoth-Executive Assistant

Student Advising

10000499Kathy Landwehr- Associate Director-Student Advising Center

Special Guest

10001541Sheila Markowitz- Associate Registrar


School of Business

10892974Mohammed Rahman (Dean's appointed)

10889465Chris Stone

10874435Steve Lovett-Chair

Teacher's College

10000274Jim Costello  (Dean's appointed)

10001010Joan Brewer

10001232Shawna Shane

College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

10000108Amy Sage Webb (Dean's appointed)

10000294Heidi Hamilton

10891573David McKenzie-Co-Chair

ASG Representatives

Alrick Johnson

Sarah Clark

Nkem Nwogu

Ex-Officio Members

10000845Rich Sleezer

10001737Jo Kord

10163146Kim Massoth- Executive Assistant

Student Advising

10000499Kathy Landwehr


10001541Sheila Markowitz


School of Business

Kamal Lamsal(Dean appointed)

Steve Lovett

Kalyan Chakraborty

Teachers College

Jim Costello (Dean appointed)

Shawna Shane (sub for Joan Brewer)

Neal Luo

College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

Catherine Bergman (Dean appointed)

Brian Hollenbeck

Amy Sage Webb (sub for Heidi Hamilton)

Student Advising

Kathy Landwehr

ASG Representative

Open position-School of Business

Johnny Morgan (Teachers College)

Desiree De La Pena (Liberal Arts and Sciences)


Jo Kord

Rich Sleezer

Chloe Cowen
Jennifer Clark
Josiah D'Albini (2012-2014)

Ex-officio Members
Tony Ambrosio             
Gary Wyatt