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The mission of the General Education Program is to enhance major programs of study through broadly shared educational experiences and academic preparation to become knowledgeable, civic-minded, culturally competent, lifelong learners, and adaptive leaders in a diverse global society.
Emporia State University aspires to be a premier comprehensive university focused on academic excellence, student success, leadership, community engagement, cultural competence, and global awareness. The general education curriculum is designed to achieve our mission for the General Education Program by providing a broad educational experience that supports and augments major programs of study. The general education curriculum is the heart of the college experience at ESU and is integral to our students' educational experience. The goals of this general education program reflect the mission of this institution and are common to all students, regardless of majors and career goals. The general education curriculum provides the intellectual background and skills necessary to be "an educated person," and as such, it should improve and enhance the quality of life for all students, as well as the communities and world they live in.
The overall general education program is the responsibility of the Dean of The College of Liberal Arts & Sciences and their designated Director of General Education. ESU's Council on General Education, which is composed of faculty, students and administrators, assists the director and has responsibility for approving, monitoring, and reviewing all policies, procedures, and curricula pertaining to general education.

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