The Kathrine K. White Faculty Incentive Grant

In appreciation and recognition of Emporia State University faculty efforts, the Emporia State Foundation manages the Kathrine K. White Faculty Incentive Grant Program, established in 2008.

Average Grant Range:  $500-$2,500 (Maximum Request:  $2,500)

Selection Committee

  • Sherri Buttenhoff, Foundation Trustee
  • Jennifer Denton, Foundation Vice-President for Administration and Stewardship (chair)
  • John McDonald, Foundation Trustee
  • Harry Stephens, Foundation Trustee
  • Jorge Ballester, Faculty Senate Designee
  • Manjula Shinge, Faculty Senate President
  • Kevin Rabas, Faculty Senate Designee

Awards made to date

From the pool of applications, the Committee determines the grant size.

  • Fall 2013 = $4,500
  • Fall 2012 = $6,100
  • Fall 2011 = $5,455
  • Spring 2010 = $9,988
  • Fall 2010 = $9,957
  • Spring 2009 = $7,800
  • Fall 2009 = $14,360
  • Spring 2008 = $15,000
  • Fall 2008 = $10,000

Grant applications are due October 31, 2014.

Grant Criteria

Grant requests may be for any type of project or program with a focus on teaching, faculty development or research. Examples include, but are not limited to: equipment, research needs, assistance with publications, special events, special program funds, and direct student impact (e.g. conference fees)

Grant recipients can reapply the next round if their grant is not funded.

Funding does not go directly to the faculty recipient and it is not considered part of salary or stipend. Deposits are to be made into the recipient’s department’s operating budget.

There are no administrative fees deducted from the grants.

For specific criteria refer to the application form.

Additional Information

  • Avoid using jargon in proposals.

  • If the grant is for needed equipment, the equipment purchased with the grant money belongs to the department, not the faculty member.

  • Grant requests for material, equipment and supplies and funding having a direct student impact (i.e. registration fees for students attending conferences, etc.) are encouraged.

  • Grants will no longer fund general travel expenses (e.g. airfare, meals, lodging)

  • If a grant is received, a one page follow-up report is required, describing the outcome of the use of the funds.

Grant Application

Application may be accessed here. The PDF may be downloaded from the computer, then printed, completed, and signed by the appropriate persons.

updated 5/30/2014