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Taryn Graduating


Realizing Potential

Fund a Hornet is a student recruitment and retention initiative that allows Emporia State University to put private dollars to work providing scholarship opportunities for those who strive for a college degree. 

Gift to Fund a Hornet is turning dreams into reality as our students excel in academics, develop as leaders and serve their communities.


Hornet Scholarships are playing a pivotal role in recruitment and student retention. Through scholarships, we have seen increases in all facets of enrollment—graduate and undergraduate, full-time graduate and on-campus.

Powering the Hornet Scholarship Program

Driven by the rising cost of higher education and the burden it places on families and futures, Fund a Hornet is the avenue for donors to provide scholarships to students through the Hornet Scholarship program. There is no better investment than supporting the hopes and dreams of a student. For those who believe a college education is beyond their financial reach, your gift to Fund a Hornet will make a life-changing difference.

Students and their parents appreciate the clearly stated requirements of Hornet Scholarships. Knowing their financial awards depend on maintaining grades, students find the program an attractive incentive to work hard and even increase their scholarships in future school years.

Creating a Culture of Philanthropy

In addition to creating an opportunity for growth and learning, you are setting an example for future generations. Many students who receive scholarships today become tomorrow’s scholarship donors. Your gift can create a “chain of philanthropy” that extends our culture of common good well into the future.