VA Enrollment Certification for Continuing and Returning GI Bill ESU Students

For each semester that you want to have your enrollment certified to the VA, you must download, complete and submit the Veterans Information Sheet to the Office of Financial Aid, Scholarships & Veteran Services. This form requires an advisor’s signature to verify the enrolled courses meet requirements in your degree curriculum.

It is strongly encouraged that students submit this form well in advance of the first day of courses for each semester.
Course schedules will also be reviewed by the School Certifying Official. To be certified to the VA, your classes must be required for your degree curriculum.

When your enrollment is certified to the VA, you will receive an email confirmation of receipt from the Veterans Administration

Reporting Course Changes to the VA

Once enrolled any change in your schedule should be reported as soon as possible to the School Certifying Official. Changes in enrollment can result in an overpayment that will be determined by the VA.