Programs - Work-study

Listed below are the work-study programs that Emporia State University currently participates in. These programs allow you to earn funds to help finance your education and help control loan debt.  Students employed through work programs are strongly recommended to work a maximum of 15 hours per week while classes are in session to allow for sufficient out-of-class time for a course load of at least 15 credit hours.

  Classification1 Enrollment Level2
Federal Work-Study √ 
Community Service  √          
Kansas Career Work-Study       √  √  √   
Youth Education Services (YES)       √  √   

1Classification:  UG = Undergraduate, GR = Graduate, SB = Second Bachelors, TL = Teacher Licensure/Certification
2Enrollment Level:  FT = Full-Time, TQ = Three-Quarter-Time, HT = Half-Time, LT = Less-Than Half-Time

Frequently Asked Questions <<back to top>>

When should I start looking for a job?  

  • If you are beginning college in the fall semester, you may want to start interviewing before classes begin in August. The greatest number of jobs may be available during fall enrollment.
  • Summer employment is also a possibility. As most divisions need additional staffing year-round and the largest number of students graduate in May, summer term provides excellent employment opportunities. These jobs should be posted during May and the first part of June. 

How do I find a job?

  • Your first step is to visit the Human Resources Student Job Openings page.
  • Check jobs listed to match your skills and interests. Note the job number, location, phone number, and contact person for each position. 
  • Once you have targeted the jobs in which you are interested, arrange an interview with the prospective employer.  
  • You should prepare yourself for the job interview in a businesslike manner. Although a résumé is not required, it makes a good impression with the employer. Since some departments may not use a job application, the résumé provides excellent background material about you. Your class schedule should be included in the interview material since this might be taken into consideration for certain positions.  
  • If you are selected for a job you will need to provide two types of identification, such as a valid driver's license, social security card, or birth certificate to comply with federal regulations. You will also complete an employment agreement and other documentation needed for payroll purposes with your employer. Wages earned during certain interim periods and summer may be subject to withholding for social security.

How much can I be awarded?

  • With the exception of Kansas Career Work-Study, the maximum amount that can be awarded is $3,000 per year and is calculated by subtracting the Expected Family Contribution (EFC) as determined by the FAFSA from the student's cost of attendance minus any other need-based aid, except for need-based loans.  The amount of the award is the maximum earnings you may receive at a work-study position and is not a guarantee of your earnings, i.e., it is an allowance.

Federal Work-study <<back to top>>

Federal Work-Study is a student employment program funded with federal and university dollars and is available to students with financial need. Federal Work-Study is an opportunity for students to earn money through employment to help pay expenses and control loan debt.  The amount of the award is the maximum earnings you may receive at a work-study position and is not a guarantee of your earnings.  You must be a degree-seeking student to be eligible.

Work-study positions begin at the federal minimum wage and may vary from department.  Most jobs are located on campus but there are a limited number of off-campus positions that are available through community service agencies. 

Federal Community Service <<back to top>>

This program allows students to work in the community in return for valuable work experience. For more information, please contact the Office of Financial Aid, Scholarships, & Veterans Services. 

Kansas Career Work-Study <<back to top>>

Kansas Career Work-Study was designed to encourage employment in settings related to your expected career field and is available to Kansas residents only. KCWS will reimburse a private employer 50% of your wages, or a maximum reimbursement of $1500. For more information, contact the Office of Financial Aid, Scholarships, & Veterans Services.  

Youth Education Services (YES) <<back to top>>

The YES program was designed to encourage college students to provide mentoring, tutoring, and leadership to "at risk" elementary and secondary students and is available to Kansas residents only. YES funding is paid at the federal minimum wage and students are placed in area elementary schools each semester.  For more information, contact the Office of Financial Aid, Scholarships, & Veterans Services.