Special Election for 2nd VP of the Faculty Senate 

Greg Schneider, PhD


Professor, Social Sciences

Position Statement

I have had a long and successful career at Emporia State and have just served my first year as a faculty senator. In that year I have been fortunate to lead the Faculty Affairs Committee and to participate in the Faculty Senate executive Committee which has allowed me to see firsthand the commitment to shared governance by the faculty and administrators at ESU. I would work to further strengthen that idea of shared governance in my role as 2nd vice president of the faculty. I am also deeply committed to the principle of free speech on campus and would seek to protect that idea in a campus environment which seems to be growing intolerant of that idea. It would be a pleasure to continue to serve the faculty as 2nd vice-president and I look forward to serving in that role next year.

Chris Stone, PhD

Assistant Professor, Management
School of Business

Position Statement

In my short time here at ESU I have grown attached to the students (both past and present), my colleagues (both in my department and across campus), and all the people that are a part of ESU and its amazing culture. I feel a strong sense of commitment to ESU and I believe I have demonstrated that through my work not only in the School of Business but also on university committees and through my interactions with other departments. Throughout my career my philosophy has been to work hard and lead by example. When there is important work to be done I step up and do it. The role of Faculty Senate is no different. I believe in shared governance, transparency, and the protection of the interests of all university stakeholders (students, staff, faculty, and the community). If elected I would enter Faculty Senate with an open mind and no personal or professional agenda. I would listen to the concerns of everyone and help to facilitate common ground. My goal as 2nd Vice President, and ultimately as President of the Faculty, would be to seek to ensure that the Senate is constantly working to make ESU better.