The Forum for the 2nd VP of the Faculty Senate will be held at:


The ESU Emporia Union

Room: ESU Memorial Union, PKP Room, #048

Time: 1:30 - 2:30 pm

Date: Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Dr. Sonja Ezell

Sonja Ezell

Assistant Professor, Elementary Education, Early Childhood, and Special Education

Position Statement

As an opportunity to assist others and an expression of the deep regard I hold toward service, I seek the position of Second Vice President of the Faculty Senate. My primary goal is to seek common ground that recognizes the diverse perspectives and experiences of students, staff, and faculty at Emporia State University. As President of the Faculty, I will articulate consensus statements and capture concerns voiced by the many and the few. My background experiences during the past six years at ESU demonstrate my ability to facilitate open and interactive dialogue to ensure transparency and robust resolutions. I seek input from all stakeholders and promote equitable policies on issues such as sustainability, academic freedom, and open expression. I am committed to convene and converse while listening to promote shared governance and a safe environment. As we pivot toward our institutional mission, we need input from a myriad of voices. With astute leadership from the ranks of the Faculty Senate and stakeholders of the university, we continue the long-lasting legacy of Emporia State University where “the common good” is a shared experience. I believe my term of service in Faculty Senate, leadership on university-wide committees, and community-based outreach reflect my commitment to equity and shared governance at Emporia State University.

Dr. Christopher Stone

Christopher Stone

Associate Chair - School of Business-Department & Assistant Professor - School of Business-Department

Position Statement

In short time here at ESU I have grown attached to the students (both past and present), my colleagues (both in my department and across campus), and all the people that are a part of ESU and its amazing culture. I feel a strong sense of commitment to ESU and I believe I have demonstrated that through my work not only in the School of Business but also on university committees and through my interactions with other departments. Throughout my career my philosophy has been to work hard and lead by example. When there is important work to be done I step up and do it.

The role of Faculty Senate is no different. I believe in shared governance, transparency, and the protection of the interests of all university stakeholders (students, staff, faculty, and the community). If elected I would enter Faculty Senate with an open mind and no personal or professional agenda. I would listen to the concerns of everyone and help to facilitate common ground. My goal as 2nd Vice President, and ultimately as President of the Faculty, would be to seek to ensure that the Senate is constantly working to make ESU better.

Dr. Sandra Valenti

Sandy Valenti

Assistant Professor, School of Library and Information Management

Position Statement

Hello, I am Sandy Valenti.  I am an assistant professor in SLIM, running for the position of 2nd vice president of the faculty.

I want to start by saying that I believe the concept of shared governance is critically important to the university’s mission. Quoting from AAUP’s 1966 Statement on Government of College and Universities, “The interests of all [of us in the university community] are coordinate and related.” But identifying, harmonizing, and promoting all our interests can only be accomplished through open, wide communication among all community members -- the bedrock of shared governance.  

That open, wide communication and effective shared governance relies, first, on a strong faculty senate.  Having served as a faculty senator, I have great respect for the strength of conviction I have seen senators evince in their arguments – whether for or against an issue.  We, as an institution, should support and encourage this lively discourse.  

Effective shared governance also requires open communication campus-wide, and my varied background at ESU has well prepared me to lead in this regard.  I earned two graduate degrees here (MS IDT, 2007; PhD Library and Information Science, 2015).  I served on governance bodies for each group: as a master’s student, I was webmaster for the Graduate Student Council and vice president of the IDT student group, and as a doctoral student I served as student representative on the SLIM council.  Following the completion of my MS, I spent eight years in unclassified professional (UP) status with Learning Technologies, where I worked with many of you on various educational technologies and their implementations.  I served as a member of the Unclassified Commission (that group’s governing body), first as representative, then as vice president.

On another issue:  I am proud of the university’s strong stance in support of diversity, and want to be a part of the change processes that help us become the model of diversity, equity, and inclusion that we strive for. To that end, I applied for and have been accepted as a participant in the Kanas Leadership Center grant in an effort to improve my ability to serve the institution and its people as we work toward that common goal. 

My current research interests lie in accessibility of content for all learner types; understanding the competencies needed for instructional librarians, and other librarians who are tasked to provide instruction; how academic libraries market themselves, from strategic planning to signage to programming; and how communities of practice might be better used to communicate ideas and promote peer learning among tenure-track faculty, new faculty, and adjunct faculty.

Thank you for your time.