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Laughter of Aphrodite, by Carol P. Christ. (1987)
Black Maria: Women Speak published by Black Maria Collective, Inc. (1984)
Changing Women in a Changing Society edited by Joan Huber. (1973)
All We're Meant to Be: A Biblical Approach to Women's Liberation by Letha Scanzoni and Nancy Hardesty. (1975)
The Feminist Papers edited by Alice S. Rossi. (1973)
Yards and Gates: Gender in Harvard and Radcliffe History, edited by Laurel Thatcher Ulrich. (2004).
A Passion of Her Own: Life-Path Journeys with Women of Kansas, by Kathryn Sommer. (2004).
O Pioneers!, by Willa Cather (1941).
Feminist Interpretations of Mary Daly by Sarah Lucia Hoagland and Marilyn Frye. (2000)
Beyond God the Father, by Mary Daly. (1973)
Outercourse: The Be-Dazzling Voyage, by Mary Daly. (1992)
Quintessence...Realizing the Archaic Future: A Radical Elemental Feminist Manifesto, by Mary Daly. (1998)
Gyn/Ecology: The Metaethics of Radical Feminism, by Mary Daly. (1978)
Pure Lust: Elemental Feminist Philosophy, by Mary Daly. (1984)
American Women in the Progressive Era, 1900-1920, by Dorothy and Carl J. Schneider. (1993)
Just Like a Woman, by Diane Hales. (1999)
The Girl Within, by Emily Hancock. (1989)
Against the Tide, eds. Michael S. Kimmel and Thomas E. Mosmiller. (1992)
Uppity Women of Medieval Times, by Vicki Leon. (1997)
Handbook for the Emerging Woman, Mary Elizabeth Marlow. (1988)
Banished Knowledge, Alice Miller. (1985)
For Your Own Good, by Alice Miller. (1990)
Thou Shalt Not Be Aware, by Alice Miller. (1984)
The Second Sex, by Simone de Beauvoir. (1970)
Sisterhood is Powerful, ed. Robin Morgan. (1995)
How Schools Shortchange Girls, by AAUW Report. (1995)
Hypatia Reborn, by Azizah Y. Al-Hibri, & Margaret A. Simons. (1990)
Journeys of Women in Science and Engineering, by Ambrose, Dunkle, Lazarus, Nair, & Harkus. (1997) 
Communities of Women: An Idea in Fiction, by Nina Auerbach. (1998)
The Conversation Begins, by Christian Looper Baker, & Christina Kline Baker. (1996) 
Feminist Issues in Literary Scholarship, by Shari Benstock. (1987)
Gendered Practices, by Boel Berner. (1997) 
Women's Words, by Mary Biggs. (1996) 
Born Female, by Caroline Bird. (1975) 
Modern Girls, Shining Stars, the Skies of Tokyo, by Phyllis Birnbaum. (1999)
Night Market, by Ryan Bishop & Lillian S. Robinson. (1998)
Women, Gender, Religion: A Reader, edited by Elizabeth A. Castelli. (2001) 
The New Assertive Woman, by Lynn Z. Bloom, Karen Coburn, & Joan Pearlman. (1975) 
The New Our Bodies, Ourselves, by Boston Women's Health Book Collective. (1992) 
The Guru's Gift:  An Ethnography Exploring Gender Equality with North American Sikh Women, by Stacy Brady & Cynthia Mahmood. (2000)
Godly Women, by Brenda E. Brasher. (1998)
Becoming A Heroine, by Rachel M. Brownstein. (1994)
Women in Britian Since 1900, by Sue Bruley. (1999)
The Diary of Caroline Seabury: 1854-1863, edited by Suzanne L. Bunkers. (1991)
I'm Running Away from Home, but I'm Not Allowed to Cross the Street, by Gabrielle Burton. (1972) 
Reproduction, Ethics, and the Law, by Joan C. Callahan. (1995) 
Latina: Women's Voices from the Borderlands, by Lillian Castillo-Speed. (1995) 
Top Girls, by Caryl Churchill. (1984)
Anti Feminism in the Academy, by V. Clark, S. N. Garner, M. Higonnet, & K. H. Katrak. (1996) 
Joan of Arc, by Regine Pernoud & Marie-Veronique Clin (1998)
Women Transforming Politics, by Cathy J. Cohen, Kathleen B. Jones, & Joan Tronto. (1997) 
Women & Public Policy, by M. M. Conway, D. W. Ahern, &  G. A. Steuenagel. (1995) 
Pope Joan, by Donna Woolfolk Cross. (1996)
Changing the Game, by Sue Davidson. (1997)
Boy Blue, by Stevie Davies. (1987)
The Women's Movement, by Barbara Deckard. (1975)
Sexist Justice, by Karen DeCrow. (1975)
Women Eucharist, by Sheila Durkin Dierks. (1997)
Women's Sourcebook, by Lisa DiMona & Constance Herndon. (1994) 
Feminist Ethics & Social Policy, by Patrice DiQuinzio & Iris MarionYoung. (1997) 
What Makes Women Sick, by Lesley Doyal. (1995)
Women and War, by Jean Bethke Elshtain. (1995)
Born for Liberty: A History of Women in America, by Sara M. Evans. (1989)
Pillars of Salt, by Fadia Faquir. (1997)
American Women Regionlists, edited by Judith Fetterly & Majorie Pryse. (1992)
The Scientific Education of Girls, by French Commission for UNESCO. (1995) 
The Feminine Mystique, by Betty Friedan.  (1963)
The Female Gaze: Women as Viewers of Popular Culture, by Lorraine Gamman & Margaret Marshment. (1989)
Women Activists, by Anne Witte Garland. (1988) 
First Love & Look for my Obituary, by Elena Garro. (1997)
The Yellow Wallpaper, by Charlotte Gilman Perkins. (1998) 
Woman in Sexist Society, by Vivian Gornick & Barbara K. Moran. (1971) 
Juggling: A Memoir of Work, Family, Feminism, by Jane S. Gould. (1997)
The Female Eunuch, by Germaine Greer.  (1970)
Feminism & Religion, by Rita M. Gross. (1996)
Women's Legal Guide, by Barbara R. Hauser. (1996) 
Until We Are Strong Together, by Caroline E. Heller. (1997) 
Daughters of the Moon, Sisters of the Sun, by K. Wind Hughes, & Linda Wolf. (1997) 
Destined for Equality, by Robert Max Jackson. (1998) 
Affirmative Action for Women, by Dorothy Jongeward & Dru Scott. (1975) 
Women's Growth in Diversity, by Judith V. Jordan. (1997) 
Women in Film Noir, by Ann E. Kaplan. (1998) 
Simone de Beauvoir, by Terry Keefe. (1998)
Religion & Gender, by Ursula King. (1995)
Portrait of an Artist: A Biography of Georgia O'Keeffe, Laurie Lisle. (1980)
Women Pirates and the Politics of the Jolly Roger, by U. Klausmann, M. Meinzerin & G. Kuhn. (1997) 
Raising a Baby the Government Way, by Molly Ladd-Taylor. (1986)
Latin American Women Dramatists, by Catherine Larson, & Margarita Vargas. (1998)
Loose Women, Lecherous Men, by Linda LeMoncheck. (1997) 
The Grimke Sisters from South Carolina, by Gerda Lerner. (1967)
Two Dreams, by Shirley Geok-Lin Lim. (1997)
Schoolsmart and Motherwise, by Wendy Luttrel. (1997) 
Representing Women, by Myra Macdonald. (1995) 
Forced to Grow, by Sindiwe Magona. (1998) 
A Woman's Place..., by Marjorie Margolies-Mezvinsky. (1994)
Pregnant Pictures, by Sandra Matthews & Laura Wexler. (2000)
Hypatia's Daughters, by Linda Lopez McAllister. (1996) 
Making Love Modern, by Nina Miller. (1998) 
Sexual/Textual Politics, Toril Moi. (1985).
Breaking Boundaries: Women in Higher Education, by Louise Morley, & Val Walsh. (1996)
Women in Cleveland, by Marian J. Morton. (1995)
Love and Ideology in the Afternoon, by Laura Stempel Mumford. (1995) 
Grassroots Warriors, by Nancy A. Naples. (1998) 
Learning from our Lives, by Anna Neumann, & Penelope L.  Peterson. (1997)
The Great Mother, by Erich Neumann. (1963)
Women at the Podium:  Memorable Speeches in History, by S. Michele Nix. (2000)
Onna Rashiku (Like a Woman), Karen Ogulnick. (1998)
Women Teachers and Feminist Politics, by Alison Oram. (1996) 
The Girl I Left Behind, by Jane O'Reilly. (1980) 
A Gift of the Emperor, by Theresa Park. (1997)
Listen to their Voices, by Mickey Pearlman. (1993)
Common Ground, by Elizabeth G. Peck, & JoAnna Mink Stephens. (1998) 
The Price You Pay, by Margaret Randall. (1996) 
Women and Spiritual Equality in Christian Tradition, by Patricia Ranft. (1998, 2000) 
Introducing Women's Studies, by V. Robinson, & Diane Richardson. (1997) 
The Rights of Women, by Susan C. Ross. (1973) 
Re-engineering Female Friendly Science, by Sue V. Rosser. (1997) 
Women, Science, and Society, by Sue V. Rosser. (2000)
Masculine/Feminine, by Betty Roszak & Theodore Roszak (1969) 
Femicide in Global Perspective, by Diana E.H. Russell & Roberta A. Harmes. (2001)
Arab Women: Between Defiance and Restraint, by Suha Sabbagh. (1996)
Palestinian Women of Gaza and the West Bank, by Suha Sabbaugh. (1998) 
The Girl:  Constructions of the Girl in Contemporary Fiction
by Women, ed. by Ruth O. Saxton (1998)
Gypsy Academics and Mother-Teachers, by Eileen E. Schell. (1998) 
My Soul is a Woman, by Annamarie Schimmel. (1997)
Childbearing in American Society, 1650 - 1850, by Catherine M. Scholten. (1985)
The Alphabet Versus the Goddess,  by Leonard Shlain. (1998) 
Sister's Choice, by Elaine Showalter. (1991)
The Autobiography of Florence Kelley, edited by Kathryn Kish Sklar. (1986)
Women's Rights Emerges within the Antislavery Movement:  1830-1870, by Katheryn Kish Sklar. (2000)
African American Women Speak Out on Anita Hill - Clarence Thomas, by Geneva Smitherman. (1995) 
Feminism and the Family, by Jennifer Somerville. (2000)
North American Indian Women, by Robin L. Sommer. (1998) 
Beyond Portia, by Jacqueline St. Joan. (1997) 
Rethinking Home Economics, by Sarah Stage, & Virginia B. Vicenti. (1997) 
Frances Burney:  A Literary Life, by Janice Farrar Thaddeus. (2000)
Fictions of the Feminine, by Margaret Olofson. (1988)
Bibliografia Chicana, by Arnulfo D. Trejo. (1975)
Daddy's Girl, by Valerie Wakerdine. (1997) 
Privilege in the Medical Academy, by Delese Wear. (1997) 
Exploring Work, by WEEA Equity Resource Center. (1996)
The Globalized Woman, by Christa Wichterich (2000)
House of the Winds, by Mia Yun. (1998)
Women for a Change, by Thlia Zepatos, & Elizabeth Kaufman. (1995) 


75 Years on Quincy Street: Story of Mamie Williams,
an African American teacher (1913-1960) and civil
rights activist in Topeka, 28 min. (1970's)
100 Years of Women: Documentary considering the lives of women that are around 100 years old, 45 min.
Around the World in 72 Days: The Nellie Bly Story: Biography of Nellie Bly's life and her attempts to break into the journalism circuit, 50 min.
Counseling Girls to Bridge the Technology Gap: David Sadker presents his research of gender bias in schools, 1 hr.
Cut From Different Cloth: Burqas & Beliefs: Documentary that explores what it means to be a woman in Afghanistan after the fall of the Taliban and the adoption of a constitution that grants women equal rights with men, 57 minutes.
Cycles: Black & white art film.  A woman awaits her menstruation period, 15 min.
Dealing with Diversity: Gender, sexual orientation, ability, hate groups, summary and review, 6 hrs (may be shown in segments). 
Discovering Women: PBS series on women in science-ran during March and April 1995, approx. 6 hours.
DreamWorlds II: Desire, Sex, and Power: Documentary examining the use of sexuality in music videos, 55 min.
Eleanor Roosevelt: Biography of Eleanor Roosevelt and her social causes, 2 hours & 17 min.
Feminist Family Values Forum: Series of 4 speakers at the Foundation for a Compassionate Society's conference.  Speakers include Mililani Trask, Maria Jimenez, Gloria Steinem, and Angela Davis.
If These Walls Could Talk, I Story of three women living in the same house during different time periods. The women share one thing in common - how to deal with an unplanned pregnancy, 1 hr, 37 min, DVD format.
If These Walls Could Talk, II Three couples over three different decades, are bonded by the depth of their passions, their unconventional love, and a house that might offer up their stories, 1 hr, 36 min, DVD format.
JANE: An Abortion Service: The history of project JANE in Chicago before abortion became legalized, 55 min.
Modern Heroes, Modern Slaves, documents Philippine women who work as a part of an organized labor trade and their subsequent exploitation by their government, 45 min.
My Feminism: A documentary defining feminism and issues relevant to women's well-being on a global scale with emphasis on the United States (e.g. relationships, pornography, violence against women, child support, abortion, women's health, religion), 51 min.
Nikki Giovanni: African American social poet-- lecture about social issues and humanity at ainsville College, GA, 42 min.
Not for Ourselves Alone: The Story of Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony: A history of the Women's Suffrage Movement including the biographies of Stanton and Anthony, 89 min. 
One Fine Day: Photographs of American women throughout history coordinated to music by Kay Weaver, 6 min.
Our Inspiration: The Story of Maggie Lena Walker: Born out-of-wedlock to an ex-slave, Maggie Lena Walker was the first woman to found and become a president of a chartered bank in the US and became the CEO of a fraternal beneficial society as well as other accomplishments under the St. Luke's Society, 56 min. 
Peace by Peace: Women on the Frontlines: Documentary profiling women in Afghanistan, Argentina, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and Burundi who are building the foundations for sustainable peace, 56 min. DVD format
People's Century: 1970 Half the People: Documentary revealing the inequalities of the role of women around the world and especially the Women's Liberation movement in the United States, 53 min.
Reinventing the Taliban?, follows Sharmeen Obaid in her travels throughout Pakistan as she exposes inequity and injustice, particularly in regard to women, while seeking to understand why and how the Taliban's ideology is being given new life in her home country, 46 min, DVD format
Rishte Following the story of Lali Devi, a mother of 5 daughters who poisoned herself and two of her daughters, 28 minutes.
Rosa Parks Story: Drama of Rosa Parks's life with Angela Bassett. 
Susan B. Anthony Slept Here Documentary about different women in American history; athlete Babe Didrikson Zaharias, rifle woman Annie Oakley, artist Georgia O'Keefe, singer Bessie Smith, financier Madame C.J. Walker, cosmonaut Christa McAuliffe, and suffragist Susan B. Anthony.
The Desired Number Uses the Ibu Eze ceremony in Nigeria to highlight how family planning issues often conflict with traditional family values, 28 minutes
The Double Burden: Three Generations of Working Mothers Portrays the lives of three families - one Mexican-American, one Polish-American, and one African-American - each with three generations of women who worked outside the home while raising families, 56 min.
There's No Such Thing As Women's Work: History of women in the labor force from Colonial America to the 1980s, 30 min.
Ventre Livre (Liberation) Paints a grimpicture of reproductive rights for millions of women in Brazil today, 45 minutes.
Votes for Women: History of Women's Suffrage, 20 min.
Women Behind Bars: Documentarry about the life of female inmates in Denver Women's Correctional Facility and special considerations for women as opposed to male inmates, 45 min.
Women's Ordination: The Hidden Tradition BBC tv documentary, 58 minutes.
Women Warriors: The Making of a Marine: In-depth look at training Marines in Basic and the Crucible, 45 min.
Woman by Woman: New Hope for the Villages of India, documents progressive change for women in rural India, 27 min.  

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