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The Guru's Gift: An Ethnography Exploring Gender Equality with North American Sikh Women, by Stacy Brady & Cynthia Manhood. (2000)
American Indian: Myths and Legends, by Richard Erdoes & 
Alonso Ortiz. (1984) 
American Indian Warrior Chiefs, by Jason Hook. (1989)
Encyclopedia of North American Indians, ed. by Frederick E. Hoxie.  (1996)
Lost Field Notes of Franklin R. Johnston's Life & Work Among the American Indians, Franklin R. Johnston. (1997)
Religious Freedom and Indian Rights:  The Case of Oregon v. Smith, Carolyn N. Long.  (2000)
Life & History of North America's Indian Reservations, by Richard Parchemin. (1998) 
North American Indian Women, Robin L. Sommer. (1998) 
After Columbus, by Herman J. Viola. (1990) 


Keeping the Spirit Alive: The resurgence of Northwest Coast art and culture as told by First Nations artists who show their work and discuss their history and traditions as well as their process of becoming artists, 1 hr.
Robert Mirabal: Music from a Painted Cave: Native American flutist Robert Mirabal performs his own powerful, evocative music that is, at once, both ancient and modern.
The Shadow of Hate: Documentary of the US hsitory of prejudice and discrimination, 38 min.
SPIRIT, A Journey in Dance, Drums and Song: Theatrical interpretation of the Native American experience. Includes the Making of Spirit, 45 min (excluding telethon).
America's Great Indian Leaders and Great Indian Nations: Two tape set Great Indian Nations includes stories of Iroquois, Seminoles, Shawnee, Navajo, Cheyenne, and Lakota Souix tribes. Great Indian Leaders includes stories of Geronimo, Qua'nah Parker, Crazy Horse, and Chief Joseph, each tape is 65 minutes.
Black Elk Speaks CSPAN special on the book by and about Black Elk. From the series "American Writers"
Crazy Horse A film about the legendary Lakota warrior who helped defeat Custer at the Battle of Little Big Horn, 93 minutes.
Ishi, The Last Yahi The story of the last Yahi Indian, Ishi, who came out of seclusion in 1911. The documentary follows the studies of anthropologist Alfred Kroeber, who studied Ishi's unique story, 1 hr.
Michael Tilford Conference Diversity and Multiculturalism Conference, October 1997 series of lectures. This lecture deals with American Indian philosophy, minorities in education, "Race Rules," and race relations, 3 hrs, 10 minutes.
The Great Indian Wars, 1840-1890 Details the events surrounding the Great Indian Wars in America, two tape set, 96 minutes total.

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