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Communication and Sexes (2nd edition), by Barbara Bate & Judy Bowker. (1997)
The Gender Frontier, Mariette Pathy Allen. (2003)
Constructing Masculinity, by Maurice Berger, Brian Wallis, & Simon Watson. (1995) 
The Male Body: A New Look at Men in Public and in Private, by Susan Bordo. (1999)
Absent Fathers, Lost Sons, by Guy Corneau. (1991)
The Male Machine, by Marc Feigen Fasteau. (1975)
Him/Her/Self, by Peter Gabriel Filene. (1975) 
Women & Men Together: An Anthology of Short Fiction, by Dawson Gaillard & John Mosier (1978) 
Gender Setting: New Agendas for Media Monitoring and Advocacy, by Margaret Gallagher. (2001)
Man's World, Woman's Place, by Elizabeth Janeway. (1971) 
Creatures of Prometheus, by Timothy V. Kaufman-Osborn. (1997)
Sex, Violence, & Power in Sports, by Michael A. Messner & Donald F. Sabo. (1994) 
Women Writing about Men, by Jane Miller. (1986)
Sexual Politics, by Kate Millett. (1970)
The Globalized Woman: Reports from a Future of Inequality, by Christa Wichterich (2000) 
The Natural Superiority of Women, by Ashley Montagu. (1999)
Speaking of Sex, by Deborah L. Rhode. (1997)
Gender and History in Western Europe, by Robert Shoemaker & Mary Vincent. (1998) 
Androgyny, by June Singer. (1976) 
Dynamics of Sex and Gender, by Laurel Richardson Walum (1977) 


Dealing with Diversity: Gender, sexual orientation, ability, hate groups, summary and review, 6 hrs (may be shown in segments).
The Gender Knot: Unraveling Our Patriarchal Legacy Dr. Allan G. Johnson of the Hartford College for Women gives the 18th Annual Pflaum Lecture on the status of privilege afforded the patriarchy, 90min.
He Said, She Said: Comedy about the different perceptions of a relationship between a man and a woman--Kevin Bacon and Elizabeth Perkins, 1 1/2 hrs.
Illusions: Story about the tricks of the early motion picture industry.  Subplots involve gender, race, and power, 45 min. 

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