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The Seduction of the Mediterranean, by Robert Aldrich. (1993) The Walking Wounded, by Beverly Foote Barbo. (1987) 
Breaking the Surface, by Greg Louganis with Eric Marcus. (1995) 
And the Band Played On, by Randy Shilts. (1987) 
Coming Out Under Fire, by Alan Berube. (1990) 
Gay & Lesbian Online, by Jeff Dawson. (1998) 
Hidden From History, by M. Duberman, M. Vicinus, & G.  Chauncey, Jr. (1989) 
All the Rage, by Lynne Harne & Elaine Miller. (1996) 
Inventing Lesbian Cultures in America, by Ellen Lewin. (1996)
Making History: The Struggle for Gay & Lesbian Equal Rights, by Eric Marcus. (1992) 
Growing Up Before Stonewall, by Peter M. Nardi; David Sanders; & Judd Marmor. (1994) 
Sappho Goes to Law School, by Ruthann Robson. (1998) 
Classics in Lesbian Studies, by Esther D. Rothblum. (1997)
Go the Way your Blood Beats, by Shawn Stewart Ruff.(1996)
Conduct Unbecoming, by Randy Shilts. (1993) 
Growing up Gay/Growing up Lesbian, by Bennett L. Singer. (1994) 
Lesbian Panic, by Patricia Juliana Smith. (1997) 
Out on Fraternity Row, by Shane L. Windmeyer; & Pamela Freeman. (1998) 


A Matter of Choice: 5 part series. Is homosexuality a genetic disposition or a choice of lifestyle? Stories of 3 groups of gay/lesbian couples and their stories of fighting their sexual orientation, 2 hrs, 35 min.
Anatomy of a Hate Crime: MTV programming looks at the story of Matthew Shepard and hate crimes, 2 hrs + discussion and illustrations.
And the Band Played On: HBO adaptation of Randy Shilts' novel of the same title, 2 hrs, 20 min.
Anti-Gay Hate Crime: Cross-sectional look at prejudice and assault against homosexuals in America, 47 min. (without commercials).
Assault on Gay America: the Life and Death of Billy Jack: An in-depth look at the murder of Billy Jack Gaither as well as
addressing other hate crime murders and homophobic
psychological theories, 54 min. 
Dealing with Diversity: Gender, sexual orientation, ability, hate groups, summary and review, 6 hrs (may be shown in segments)
James Baldwin: the Price of the Ticket: The story of James Baldwin's life and his influence on the world, 1hr 25 min.
If These Walls Could Talk, II: Three lesbian couples over three different decades, are bonded by the depth of their passions, their unconventional love, and a house that might offer up their stories, 1 hr, 36 min, DVD format.
Out at Work: Documentary telling the stories of 3 lesbian/gay
individuals and their families facing discriminating legal policies that address employment, 53 min. 
Out of the Past: Documentary finding homosexual allies in the past and the experience of being homosexual in a dominant
heterosexual country.  It presents Kelli Peterson, a Utah high
school student, and the formation of Gay-Straight Alliance, 55
Shadow of Hate: Documentary of the US history of prejudice and discrimination, 38 min.
A Simple of Matter of Justice: Documentary covering the 1993 March on Washington for Lesbian, Gay, and Bi Equal Rights
and Liberation, 55 min. 
Straight from the Heart:Documentary examining the issues
families face in coming to terms with having a gay or lesbian
child, 22 min.
The Celluloid Closet: A 100 year history of gay/lesbian film stars, 1 hr 41 min.
The Matthew Shepard Story: Show that depicts the violence and hatred towards gays/lesbians in the brutal beating of Matthew Shepard, 1 hr, 58 min with commercials.

Web Sites 

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